3 cool replica designer lamps

I have always been a big fan of designer lamps. From Poul Henningsen’s Artichoke Lamp to the Flos Skygarden Lamp. My worst problem is that they are extremely expensive but you can legally buy replica lamps in Denmark and most other countries as well. I have found 5 nice replica designer lamps at Aliexpress which I like. I do own one of them and pricewize the quality is very good..


Flos Skygarden replica lamps

Flos Skygarden replica AliexpressFlos Skygarden replica lamp

I bought my replica Skygarden lamp from Ms zhou store which had the best feedback for this lamp. The top picture for this post is from this actual lamp hanging in my livingroom. I am really satisfied with it and I have had it for almost a year now. I bought the big one and it has saved me a lot of money compared the a genuine Skygarden lamp. So far, everyone who have visited me, thought it was genuine. That is definitely a a good sign of quality. The shop sells a lot more different replica lamps. Both replica Flos but also other nice designer lamps.

Replica PH Artichoke lamp

replica PH artichoke lampReplica PH Artichoke Lamp
I really want to have this replica Artichoke lamp but I think my livingroom is to small for it. When I buy a house some time, this Danish Poul Hennings designer lamp, will be my preferred choice.. I have found the shop with the best feedback at Aliexpress for the PH artichoke replica lamp.

Verner Panton Globe lamp replica

Verner Panton Globe Lamp replicaVerner panton replica globe lamp

This lamp is also an all-time favourite. I love the design and even though it looks pretty complicated, the replica Globe lamps are amazing. It is possible to buy many more Verner Panton replica lamps (the designer who made the Globe lamp) at Aliexpress. Because they are legal to manufactor and sell, you just have to search for the lamp model of you liking. Choose a seller with a high positive feedback and you will save a lot of money on you home lighting. Go to Aliexpress.com