Acne studios aliexpress

Acne studios Aliexpress

Acne Studios (previously: Acne Jeans) is a Swedish clothing company and part of the Stockholm-based design company ACNE. The company ACNE Jeans began in 1997 when they designed 100 pair of jeans to friends, family and clients of the company. The first collection was launched a year after.

ACNE studios T-shirt Aliexpressacne studios t-shirt Aliexpress

At Aliexpress, I randomly found some replica t-shirts from Acne studios. Of course I ordered a couple of them since they are super expensive in Denmark. I love the brand but I dont like paying 100$ for a t-shirt so when I saw that they cost around$ 8-15 at Aliexpress and the quality was good. It was an easy decision.

How to find acne clothing at Aliexpress?

After i encountered the shop with the fake Acne t-shirts I found it very easy to find more at Aliexpress. Most fashion brands are trying to close down the sale of counterfeits at but smaller brands are not always completely removed. I found that searching for smile face t-shirt mostly works. But it can still be difficult to find which is why I will give you another option in the next section.

Find replica Acne clothing at DHgate instead

You can find a little more Acne clothing at which is a portal like Aliexpress. If you search for ACNE you will mostly find accessories like hats and scarfs. But if you search for ac t-shirt or smile face you will both find some long sleeve t-shirts and some short sleeve Acne t-shirts as well.

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Quality of fake Acnne studios clothing

Like all other fake t-shirts, do not expect the exact same quality as the original but you can expect a very decent quality. Most sellers of ACNE clothing at Aliexpress and DHgate sell a good quality. Always choose the shops with the best feedback. Then you will most likely receive a quality knockoff ACNE product