Action cameras – Find the cheapest and best 11.11 deals

Huge price reduction on action cameras the 11.11

On the 11-11 (singles day) sale there is a massive drop in prices. Singles day is the biggest one day sale worldwide. Most of the well known Chinese online stores like Aliexpress, GearBest and DHgate promise huge price droppings on electronics including action cameras. Usually, on 11.11 you can find price reduction from 10% up to 60% and I am looking for a new action camera and noticed that Gearbest had some crazy deals on Xiaomi action cameras.

Xiaomi cameras can be found on 11 November with more than a 50% reduction in price at Gearbest. Those looking to purchase a new action camera should wait till Friday 11.11 if they want to save some money.

Xiaomi cameras have a good reputation and the Xiaomi YI II camera is a nice altenative to the go pro cameras. Especially with the huge 11.11 price droppings on action cameras. That is why I have preordered one at at the price of $206.99 (including free shipping) – saving me 56%

Biggest advantage of the Xiaomi YI II is the 4K resolution and generous live-view LCD with touch control.

Other 11.11 full HD sports cameras 

XIAOYI (YI) was Xiaomis first action camera model. It was announced about two years ago but it sill has great popularity. Mostly because of the good image quality and its nice simplistic design.

Although the Xiaomi Yi does not have any LCD screen (status or live-view) it can be easily configured through the YI Action APP.

One of my friends used the Xiaoyi camera mounted on his Cheerson CX-20 quadcopter to capture aerial videos. He definitely managed to capture some truly nice footage with this inexpensive camera.

Next Friday (11 November) at Gearbest the Xiaomi YI will be sold at 73.99 – Preorder now at

Those who are interested to use the camera for water-sports, the suitable waterproofing case can be bought at the price of $33.56 – HERE

The YI is a whole line of Xiaomi products and this 11.11 2016 you can buy these at GB at seriously low prices, so go and check their limited 11.11 offers.

Other singles day sale cameras

It is not only the Xiaomi products which are cheap at the Gearbest 11.11 sale. They have so many different sports camera, action camera, surveillance camera deals available at the 11.11 sale. So if you are looking to save some bucks on your new camera, you should definitely take a look at the Gearbest 11 november sale