Adidas Pure Boost replicas

Adidas Pure Boost replica shoes from Aliexpress

The Adidas Pure Boost shoes are one of Adidas newest releases. This shoes is already available as replicas at Aliexpress. I haven’t had the pleasure of owning them yes but I saw a pair of the Pure Boost replica shoes in MBK center in Bangkok. Im not sure whether I like the Adidas Ultra Boost more or this one is nicer. But anyway, I really do think that both of the shoes look amazing and they are a really good alternative to all the Nike replicas around. This I mean because Nike shoes everybody owns a pair of these but Adidas is a bit more seldom.

The quality of the replica Pure Boost in MBK center

All shoes sold in Thailand come directly from the Chinese factories. So, all the replicas found at Aliexpress or DHGate for that sake, are more or less the same quality. I tried a pair in Bangkok and though I have not yet seen the genuin Adidas Pure Boost, I think they looked good. No problems with quality and fitted me good. Of course there probably are some differences if you take a close look but all in all, I figure you need to take a real close look to see they are not real.Pure Boost replica shoesadidas Pure Boost replica

Finding the Adidas Pure Boost replicas

Well, as you probably know, finding these replicas has become increasingly difficult at Aliexpress. The link above, was the only dealer coming up, when searching for Pure Boos shoes. However, when this seller is removed, which I guess he will soon, then do a search for “Boost shoes” at Aliexpress. You will, however, encounter many different Boost models. Everything from the Yeezy 350 Boost replicas, the 750 Boost, Adidas Ultra Boost replicas and even the old Nike Yeezy shoes.

adidas replicas

I hope you will find them, because Aliexpress is still the best and cheapest place to buy replica shoes..

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