Alibaba Stock price – Should I buy?

Alibaba stock price

The Alibaba stock price is at this moment today 78,10$. Alibaba had a successful introduction on the stock exchange.

The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba was introduced on the stock exchange in New York some time ago. The introduction which was the world’s largest, was incredibly successful. The Alibaba stocks rose from a listing price of $ 68 to an opening price of $ 92.7.

WORLD’S LARGEST LISTING: Alibaba roared in with a market value of 228.5 billion

I believe that the original listing price was low because sellers would ensure a successful introduction on the stock exchange.

What is Alibaba

Alibaba was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma. The first site was a tool for smaller Chinese exporters and entrepreneurs who would like to sell goods abroad. Since then, Alibaba has grown into an international company with billions. Owning sites like Alibaba currently controls about 80 percent of China’s e-commerce and has a turnover greater than Amazon and eBay combined. The US Internet portal Yahoo owns 22 percent of Alibaba.

Alibaba stock price was a bargain on opening day

The BABA stock listing price was a bargain. It was priced cheaply and cheaper than other growth companies. On top of that, interest has been enormous, because it is an opportunity to enter the Chinese market.

Within less than an hour 170 million shares / stocks were already traded, making the shares the most traded on the exchange ever.

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Old school exchange trading:
Alibaba was sold on the New York Stock Exchange, where shares are traded by securities dealers that stand on the floor, shouting to each other. The stock exchange trading – the classic way, where most other exchanges, such as Nasdaq, drives electronically.

There may be good reason that Alibaba has chosen New York Stock Exchange. When Facebook went public, it was on the Nasdaq electronic stock exchange, and it did not go well, as the whole system collapsed.

uncertain future of the Alibaba stock

The Alibaba stock price was after the opening 92.7 US dollars. Since it has fallen a lot and I think it will continue to go down since the Chinese market does not do well. Im sure a new crisis is rising and therefore. If you buy, buy short.

I would wait for the crisis to begin before buying stocks short. But right now I think the price is far too high considering the market. Many competitors are doing well and sites like Aliexpress has lost a lot of customers since they have become aggressive towards sellers selling replicas. So I basically think the Alibaba stock price will fall in near future.

How to buy the Alibaba stock

Log in to a bank where you know Alibaba stocks can be traded. If desired, call your bank to see if you can trade it there.

2. If you do not have a depot, create one.

3. Find the exchange where the stock you want to buy is traded. In this case, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), where Alibaba’s stocks were launched. You can also in some cases just type the name of the stock you want to buy. In this case: Alibaba.

4. Click on the code that represents the share. All shares carry an abbreviation of four letters in the trading systems. Eg. called google-share simply: “Goog”, and Alibaba’s shares are called: “BABA”.

5. Place an order in which you specify how many shares you want to buy and how much the maximum price you’re willing to pay per Alibaba stock.