Aliexpress Asics shoes

Cool Japanese Asics shoes from Aliexpress

ASICS Ltd. started out as Onitsuka Co. Ltd on September 1, 1949. The founder is Kihachiro Onitsuka who began manufacturing basketball shoes in his home town of Kobe, Japan. It became a favorite shoe amongst athletes worldwide during the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.
Luckily they are available at in a lot of different variations. They are actually mostly ment for running but like Nike and Adidas, they are hip and nice to wear, as an everyday shoe, in the spring and summer.

Asics Noosa shoes from Aliexpress

Asics Noosa shoes Aliexpressfake Asics Noosa
There are actually many Asics shoes at Aliexpress and many are even genuine. The price for a pair of genuine Noosa vary from 60$-150$ depending on the model. The price for a pair of fake Asics Noosa from Aliexpress is around 30-40$ which includes shipping. This model is 140$ on the official Asics page which saves you 100$ +shipping costs for a pair of replicas. That is quite a bargain, I think. As far as the feedback score for fake Asics on Aliexpress, it seems the quality is quite good. I would not hesitate to buy a pair because of quality worries!

Asics Gel Lyte shoes Aliexpress

Asics Gel Lyte AliexpressFake Asics Gel Lyte shoes
These should be very good for everyday wear and they are on the front page of the official Assics page. I think the Asics Gel Lyte is the coolest pair of Asics shoes. Generally I like the Nike Free Run and Roshe Run models more.

Finding Asics shoes on Aliexpress is pretty easy. Searching for Asics will actually give you a broad selection. Also try Tri shoes which also gives you a good selection. As always – Be creative, if you want to find all the good replicas! Read my post about finding brands on Aliexpress for more info on that field!