Aliexpress makeup brands reviewed

Aliexpress Makeup reviewed

There is a lot of makeup at Aliexpress and it is extremely cheap. But is it any good? For that reason I have let my girlfriend review some different Aliexpress make up. There are some different fake brands among the products and some Chinese brands as well. I was a little worried about this test because she has a lot of allergies and I was afraid that the Chinese make up would practically …. her up…

Aliexpress makeup brush sets

Some of the best deals are actually the Aliexpress makeup brush sets available at the site. These are super cheap and they cannot trigger an allergic reaction. I bought three different sets were actually not bad. The pouch containing the brushes did smell a little of painting though.

I bought the 3 Aliexpress makeup sets from the shops with the best feedback:

All were same same quality wise and about same price. So not really a big difference there. I would definitely recommend buying a set for your girlfriend. My girlfriend uses some of the brushes occasionally and she is very satisfied. At that price you are not running any risks.
Aliexpress makeup brushes

Different fake branded makeup from Aliexpress

I was really curious how this would turn out, compared to her own extremely expensive products. I know, because I pay for them.
First product was a fake Nyx butter lipstick, not the most expensive brand (about 12$ in Denmark) but only 1,44$ (incl shipping) at Aliexpress. I could not tell a difference on the looks of it but she did not like the feel of it.. I decided not to test it…

Next up was a fake Max Factor eyeliner. This one was actually pretty good. Max Factor is pretty expensive and has more than 100 years of experience. We could not see, any of us, that it was a fake. Very nice..

I really could not find brands like Mac or Lancome at Aliexpress, but I really dont feel good about buying fake branded makeup anyway, since you have no chance og knowing what is in them. I do believe that many of the fake makeup products are just cheap Chinese brands in designer packaging. Which is also the reason that buying cheap Chinese cosmetics brands is better, because then you have a chance of knowing, what has been put into the products.

Chinese brands makeup Aliexpress

I really bought a lot af different products and most were really good. A couple of the products were quite poor though. As with everything else at Aliexpress, the shops with the best feedback, also delivered the best products. Also make sure that you buy from specialised shops (only selling beauty and similar products and not flat screens at the same time).

The 3 best Chinese makeup brands were:

Best Makeup sellers / shops Aliexpress:

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