Aliexpress oil paintings – buy Van Gogh, Picasso and other reproductions

Aliexpress oil paintings.

There are thousands of shops selling oil pantings at Aliexpress. You can buy everything from Chinese art, reproductions of various artist like Van Gogh and Picasso. You can also send whatever picture you like and have it painted. It is mostly oilpaintings but you can also find various art crafts.

I recently send a request to a shop at Aliexpress, for them to paint a reproduction of “the scream” by Edward Munck. Thought it would be more fun to have an oil painting hanging than a normal poster.

The reproductions or “fake paintings” you can find at Aliexpress are also completely legal, so don’t hesitate to buy one yourself

I received the oil painting last week and it looks just like it is suppose to. I read some other place online that it is important to buy the good but little more expensive reproductions. Otherwise you will buy a painting with a very thin layer of paint that does not look good.

I choose to buy it from HuangArt Store which have a good feedback and the shop has also been around for some time. Furthermore I had the shop recommended by several people on Reddit.

What other oil painting reproductions can you find at Aliexpress?

The answer is easy. You can find many. Almost all big artist are present at Aliexpress. Like many other, I am a big fan of Picasso and I really consider buying some fake Picasso paintings from Aliexpress. I have researched good shops to buy a Picasso from and Leo Art Store is roumered to be the best place to shop for these. They also have a high positive feedback and the prices seem fair.

If you want to find some specific artists yourself, you can simply search for the artist. So if you want to buy Van Gogh or Picasso paintings at Aliexpress, simply search for the artist name. Sort the results by orders or seller rating and you will most likely see the best shops coming first.

What other kind of Aliexpress oil paintings can I buy?

You can find many other paintings at art crafts at Aliexpress. Customers at Aliexpress like to have their own photos painted by skilled artists. It could be your pet, a family member or whatever photograph you like. I have researched the site and found that NoveltyLife Store is a super option for that.