Pimp your party with Aliexpress

Cool stuff for a fun party

I have tried my best to find party related articles from Aliexpress that will make a party both crazier and funnier. If you are going to throw a party then be remembered for it! Have games, costumes and other silly but funny bits ready for the attenders. I have been to so many partys that are the same. Every time I attend to something different, like a theme party, I really seem to remember it.

Costumes are always a hit

Aliexpress offers a huge range of costumes, silly hats, disguises, masks – you name it! If i look at the shops we have in Denmark, they are not even close having the same assortment. The prices are a fifth of the retail prices and the quality is practically the same.

Horse head mask is one of my favorites. It looks freaky and you will for sure draw some attention at a party. You could also have one for everyone in the crowd and it will go mad!
Horse head mask Aliexpresscostumes Aliexpress

Inflatable dino costume
There are several inflatable costumes on Aliexpress but the “I am riding a dinosaur costume” is awesome. Only advice is not to get too wasted. You might trip or trip something / someone..
dinosaur costume aliexpress

Party games from Aliexpress

Games are fun and people tend to get a little more drunk if they involve alcohol. You could play cards but it is far more fun to play a game which involves body movement. The more drunk you get the more retarded it looks.
Beer Pong is an alltime favorite. All you need is some ping pong balls, some cups or glasses and a table. The best thing is that it can involve many people. Team up 2 and 2 and have a beer pong tournament.

Mini Golf “shot” game
When it is not your turn to play at the beer pong tournament then you can play your partner for a quick game of mini golf involving shots of your choice.
mini golf game aliexpress

Other fun items for a great party

It is all about being creative when throwing a party and having gags around will amuse. It could be everything from missile shot glasses to glowing penis straws. Most important is to be creative and having a different approach to partying. Let your participants be entertained with all kinds of things and your party will be legen… wait for it… dary.

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