Aliexpress Power Bank shopping guide

Best shops for buying power banks and battery covers at Aliexpress

Why should I buy a cellphone power bank cover? Even though mobiles have increased their battery power over the years, the mobiles continue to use more energy as well. Playing with an Iphone 6 for a couple of hours and you need to charge and I hate not to have any battery left on my cell.

I have used a couple of options over the years to solve this; Having 2 phones and having an extra battery. But I really can’t change my Iphone battery unless I have the right tools for it and an extra Iphone would be a miserable investment – considering the rapid loss in value.

So I have bought two power banks for my Iphone 6 and this really makes a different. One is a cover which my phone sits in and the other is an external bank. I almost never run out of power and the price is very very cheap. I bought both mine in Denmark (stupid) and they each cost me 50$. I could have bought the exact same cover / powerbank for around 25$ at including shipping which mine did not include… This almost counts for all phone brands. Power banks / coverbatteries for cellphones are really cheap at Aliexpress but I would not recommend buying the cheapest battery covers. So beneath I have found some of the best shops to buy these. I have found them upon number of orders, feedback, how specialised they are and for how long the shop has been in business.

Best shops for power banks / battery cases at Aliexpress

  • Store:GOESTIME Brand Store 9141power bank aliexpress 96.4% Positive feedback
    – Best shop for Iphone battery covers at Aliexpress. They sell lots of different covers / chargers / power banks as well. 
  • Store:Cn-Auction Open:6 year(s) 18179battery cases aliexpress 98.7% Positive feedback – This store sells the Original Xiaomi Mi Power Bank which is compatible with all brands. Best price and best shop for power banks at Aliexpress. Open for 6 years and a feedback like that means professionalism.
  • Store:VINSIC Brand FlagShip Store Open:3 year(s) 21543Vinsic IRON power bank aliexpress 97.6% Positive feedback – The Vinsic IRON P6 power bank is one of the best on the market and they sell it really cheap.. Not only do the shop sell power banks and battery covers to almost all cellphone brands, they have a lot more. Their products are stylish and it is difficult not to shop anything when you have entered their shop.

There are many different opportunities but I think these are the best shops. You can find extremely cheap battery covers and power banks at Aliexpress but you should also take care of your phone. Some might work okay but I would not run the risk.. Have heard stories about these cheap ones ruining an 1000$ Iphone – ouch.

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