Aliexpress shoe size conversion guide

Ever figured out the Chinese shoe sizes?

Many people order a wrong size of shoes from Aliexpress. When receiving a pair of shoes size 9,5 (us size) from Aliexpress, which is your normal size, you wonder why they are far too small. Other times they just fit??? How does this make any sense? Well here’s a couple of tips that will make ordering shoes from Aliexpress a lot easier.
Are the shoes made for Asian or Western people?
First but most important question you have to ask yourself is – Are the shoes meant for sale in Asia or the rest of the world? Well suppliers might have a shoe size chart on their Aliexpress sales site, but that is unfortunately not a guarantee for the shoes to have the size you ordered. Beneath is a shoe size chart from a Nike vendor.

How to distinguish between shoes on Aliexpress

There are several factors to take into consideration when distinguishing between Asian and Western shoes in order to pic out the correct size. Most important is the price and brand. Most Asians do not buy expensive replica shoes and if they do, they can go to a store to test them. Therefore most expensive replica items on Aliexpress are mostly meant for foreigners. But again there is a hurdle. If you take a quick tour round on Aliexpress and look for shoe sizes, you wont find many pairs bigger than 11 US size. Most commonly max sizes seems to be men/10 Women/8,5. I think this indicates a strong Asian market (Asians have smaller feet) for these shoes because why else would they not bother making them in bigger sizes? Bottom line is – the smaller max sizes you can buy on the shop, the smaller the shoe sizes are!

Shoes Aliexpress

Then what Aliexpress shoe size should I choose?

Good vendors know their shoe sizes and measuring the length of your foot is pretty easy. So go ahead and tell them your length on the chat and they will give you the answer. Simple as that. If that is somehow not possible, I regard you to choose 1/2 size bigger on shops selling 10/8,5 sizes and 1 size bigger if their max sizes are less. If the Aliexpress vendor has sizes bigger than this, the sizes might be true. I would hesitate ordering before I have had a chat session with the seller. Just to confirm.
Clothing Sizes are quite similar but I will make another post about that.