Top 5 quadcopter drone shops Aliexpress

5 best quadcopter drone shops Aliexpress

Quadcopter drones are extremely popular and can be rather expensive. Therefor I have investigated the different quadcopter shops at Aliexpress to bring you the top 5 reputable drone sellers. I have earlier made a post about different drones from aliexpress but this will solely be a review of the shops and not any specific quadcopter drones..

I have taken 5 key elements into consideration when deciding which shops are the best:

  • Number of orders
  • Positive feedback score
  • Bad feedback (If certain issues in the feedback section continuously appears, something is wrong)
  • Is it specialised? – Shops that are specialised in certain categories tend to be more professional
  • Age – The longer the shop has existed the more data to analyse.

When using these 5 elements when considering a shop at Aliexpress, no matter what you are looking for, you will always end up with cream of the crop. One thing you might think I am missing out is the “price tag” but that is irrelevant. Shops with too high prices never make it in the long run. They have few orders and will not figure among the top 50 drone shops anyway, when filtering the results by seller rating.

List of the 5 best Chines quadcopter drone shops

  1. Store: ShenZhen FeiChao Technology Co.,Ltd – JMTOpen:6 year(s), 2282098.7% Positive. feedback. This shop has amazing experience and an astonishing feedback. This is a top of the line drone shop and with amazing deals as well.
  2. Store: Shenzhen Lightake Technology Co.,LtdOpen:3 year(s), 2674197.1% Positive feedback. Again a shop with nice experience, top notch feedback and some good deals for quadcopters. They are very specialised in electronics – they definitely know what they are talking about.
  3. Store: China Bay Quadcopter Pro Store180098.7% Positive feedback. Only open for 1 year but judged from their order amount of drones, this shop is serious. They are completely focused on selling drones which makes 1800 orders quite a lot..
  4. Store: Shenzhen Bestdeal Co.,Ltd109097.8% Positive feedback. Open for about a year and is specialised in selling SYMA drones. They even fix your old Syma quadcopter if needed. Very reputable and 1090 orders with that kind of feedback is quite amazing.
  5. Store: – I know this is not an Aliexpress shop but I have to mention them because they offer the best service among all Chinese websites. They are completely specialised within electronics and even have a warehouse in Europe which make deliveries fast. I always use them for drones and electronics even though they sometimes are 10% more expensive. You should go for their offers and you will have the same low prices as at

I wish you good look finding the best drone deals online.