Personalized laguiole corkscrew from Aliexpress review

Personalized laguiole corkscrew

I bought a Laguiole corkscrew (check it out) as a present for myself this christmas. This is the best wine opener available on the market and it is often used by waiters and somaliers. I even had the Laguiole wine opener personalized.

I have already bought a lot of wine accessories from Aliepress since it saves me a lot of money. In this case I also saved a lot of money. A Laguiole corkscrew costs from 150$ and up, depending on the materials. I only paid 34$ at Aliexpress and I must say the quality is amazing and my middle name was laserprinter into it as well. You can, however, buy them as cheap as 14$ (none personalized) but I don´t know the quality of those.
Laguiole steak knivesLaguiole steak knives

Buying a Laguiole corkscrew

Go to Aliexpress and simply search for Laguiole corkscrew and sort the results by most orders. The top 10-15 shops showing all have good feedback. Then simply choose the model of your liking. If you want to have your wine opener personalized like my Laguiole corkscrew I can really recommend the shop I used – Showingfine wine accessories. They also sell other nice wine equipment and offer good service and fast shipping.

Other Laguiole cutlery from Aliexpress

Laguiole is first of all famous for their high quality cutlery. I have not bought any of it but I am considering to buy some of their steak knives. I love the design and if I can get it the same quality as the corkscrew, it will definitely be worth it. Just like finding the Laguiole corkscrews, you just search for Laguiole steak knives at Aliexpress and many shops offer these very cheap.

Are the Laguiole knives and corkscrews fake?

I have never looked at any Laguiole cutlery or corkscrews in any shops, so I can’t really tell if those at Aliexpress are fake. But considering the price is 80% cheaper at Aliexpress it must me replica Laguiole cutlery and wine openers. But even though they are replicas, I do believe that the quality is superb.

I guess the Laguiole corkscrews and knives made from oxhorn or ivery from Aliexpress, are not actually these expensive materials but probably something undefinable. I stick to the wooden or steel ones and those are definitely nice.