Best drones under $100

Best drones under 100$ from Aliexpress

A simple search for drone at Aliexpress returns more than 50.000 results. However, it is not 50.000 different drones but still, there are a lot of drones to choose from. Even though you find the model you like, you will still need to pick a shop and some drones are sold by over a 1.000 different shops.

Here I have selected the best drone models under 100$ from the best and most trustworthy shop at Aliexpress. BUT the best drone available was cheapest at Gearbest, so I have left a link for them as well 😉 I have selected my favourite drones from parameters like endurance, special features, camera, speed, handling and much more..

Syma X8HW drone

The brand SYMA is one of the best drone brands available. They were in the game in the beginning and they are specialists in making affordable drones. The Syma X8HW is the best they have made in this price segment so far.. Everywhere online this drone receives massive positiv critic and I ordered mine through Gearbest, since they were clearly the cheapest place to buy it (only $83 HERE)

You can buy it at Aliexpress as well but it costs $130, so I would definitely advice you to check it out at Gearbest.

The drone is quite big 50×50 centimeters and 19 centimeters high. It is very athletic for its size and manoeuvring it is simple. I have no special gifts when it comes to flying drones, but I had a very easy time flying the Syma X8HW. I have only tried one drone better than this and it was professional and is was priced ten times higher. I am more than astonished by the current drone technologies making drones like this available at such low prices. CHECK IT OUT 

GoolRC T5G Drone

This drone is packed with good stuff. It has compact and lightweight design and it has LED light making it possible for night fly. It even has a 360° eversion function which makes it pretty cool to play with. Headless mode, no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying. One key to return function makes it easily to find the way home. It comes with a  2.0MP HD camera allows you to take photos and record video of amazingly good quality – 5.8G real-time FPV brings the world in front of you.

It only costs a little more than $70 and I bought mine from the GoolRC Official Store at


JJRC H37 Elfie pocket drone

I bought this because it looked fun but Elfie is an innovative little drone with a 720×578 camera that gives you a direct video feed without any problems. The drone is controlled through an app that can be downloaded to both Android and iPhone. You can take pictures and record videos through the app and they will be stored on your phone. Simple, small and smart. Im a fan and especially the foldable part is very smart. Allowing you to bring it everywhere. I bought mine for $39 at FT Toys Store and had no problems. Received it after 10 days. BUY IT HERE