Best fake Oakleys for sale online – Find the best shops

Buying the best fake Oakley sunglasses online

Googling fake Oakleys gives you endless og websites selling them but which site to choose? First you need to consider if it is safe providing the website with your personal information and your credit card details. Next you consider whether you will receive the products you ordered. All these questions made me use Aliexpress when ordering knockoff products, since you could read other peoples feedback on the shops and products. Here in 2017 Aliexpress does not have a selection of replica products which of course includes fake Oakleys. Luckily another website “” has the almost exact same setup as Aliexpress has and they still have numerous of shops selling fake Oakley sunglasses.

Finding the best shops at DHGate to buy Oakley sunglasses from

If you are new to DHGate, it is a portal kinda like Amazon, where many shops can sell their products. The good thing about this kind of portal is that people can give feedback every time they have bought something. This gives us the possibility of buying (in this case) a pair of high end replica Oakleys judged on the feedback of the given product. So below I have found the best shops at DHGate selling fake Oakley sunglasses:


This shop called by the strange name Cjp152605 (visit here) has a rating of 98,6% positive out of 100%. They sell some amazing Oakley Holbrook replicas.

The shop has received 160 reviews of these sunglasses and they have a 5 out of 5 star rating for this product. Unfortunately the seller does not have many different Oakleys for sale but for the most popular model “Holbrook” this is the place to buy them.



Cores Shop

Cores shop sells some different fake Oakleys. They have a high rating and has sold a lot of the Flak Jacket model with a lot of positive feedback.

Please notice that the logo has been removed from the photos due to legal reasons. You will, however, still receive the Oakleys with the logo.



Other shops and sites to buy replica Oakleys

You can find many more Oakley sunglasses at Just go there and search for the model you like. Do not use the name Oakley in your searches but only the model name.

You can still be lucky and find a pair of fake Oakleys at Just use the same method mentioned above. I have previously made a post on finding Oakleys at Aliexpress which might still be useful.

A third option is to visit PurseValley. They sell extremely high-end replica stuff but I am not sure whether they also sell Oakley sunglasses.

Good luck finding a pair of nice replica Oakleys.