Best chinese GPS watches from Aliexpress

Find the best GPS watches from Aliexpress

I currently have a Garmin Forerunner 235 gps watch which is quite expensive. They cost about 320$ and the one I have is genuine. You could find some nice Garmin knockoffs at Aliexpress some time ago but unfortunately it seems as if they have removed most knockoffs from their homepage. So instead of trying to find the best fake Garmin watches. I have bought a Chinese Gps watch which is as good as my Forerunner 235 but only costs a third.

If you are looking for a fake GPS watch, then try looking at the end of this post, where I have tried to find some acronyms which might give results when searching for fake Garmin watches at Aliexpress.

GPS Tracker T6 running watch from Aliexpress

The T6 GPS tracker running watch is the most sold and best rated GPS watch at Aliexpress. Therefore I decided to buy exactly that model. I bought it from K-wear Electronics which seemed to be the best option, because they had sold a lot and feedback was very positive for this product.

By first impression the gps watch looks amazing and I actually like it more than my Garmin Forerunner 235. Besides the looks, it is of course important that it is functional.

The first thing I noticed on my first run, was the watch strap which is made from TPU72 which is a Japanese rubber / nano material and it is very very comfortable. The watch itself is also dirt and water proof. I have not gone swimming with it but I have had no problems with rain or sweat.. The strap even have a small GPS which is very nice when running in a forest or if you easily tend to get lost.

Functionality: The watch is compatible with both Android and Apple (When using an app). It also has room for a micro sim card which supports dialing and receiving calls which is very convenient.

First thing I really took note of when running was the heart rate monitor. It was far more precise than my Garmin Forerunner and I must admit I did not expect that. A precise heart rate monitor is very important when pacing yourself and I have improved my times on both 5 and 10 kilometer runs because I could keep a more precise pace and didn’t overheat.

To make a conclusion on this Chinese GPS running watch from Aliexpress, spending 325$ on a Garmin Forerunner 235 seems stupid when you can buy this  for 96$ (Buy the watch here).

Only downside here, is the fact that buying a watch from Aliexpress make things such as guarantee more difficult to make use of since you have to send it back to China if you have problems with it.

The watch has far more features that I will never use but you can check them out HERE.

Other and cheaper gps smart watches are also available at Aliexpress. Many of these are also very good if you just need a watch for measuring speed and rute – CHECK OUT MORE GPS WATHES HERE

Looking for Garmin replica GPS watches?

Almost all fake watches have been removed from Aliexpress. It is extremely difficult for any sellers to have any shop selling these without getting caught and getting caught means getting banned from the Aliexpress homepage. BUT some shops will always try to profit from knockoffs, so you can sometimes be lucky and find some Garmin replicas.

Try searching for the model (example: Forerunner watch) and you will sometimes find it very cheap and pictured without the logo. Then it’s probably a fake Garmin Forerunner watch the shop is selling. This is the best solution when searching for all watch knockoffs but as previously said; this is VERY difficult finding any replicas at Aliexpress for the moment! So try a Chinese brand instead and you will be surprised how much you will actually end up saving..