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Aliexpress headphones shopping guide

I made a post a long time ago about replica beat by dre headphones from Aliexpress which was and is very popular. BUT it has become extremely difficult to search for this brand at Aliexpress. You can, however, still find other replica headphones at Aliexpress. Further more you can find some really good Chinese headphones as well. Actually the unbranded headphones offer more value for money than the replicas.

Here I will bring you some ways to search for replica headphones and a list of the best shops selling Chinese branded headphones. SO, if you are looking at Aliexpress to buy headphones whether they are replicas or an unfamiliar Chinese brand, this is relevant!

Finding replica headphones at Aliexpress

Depending what you are looking for, there are several ways of finding the replica headphones of your need. Specific brands have specific acronyms but the easiest way is to make a broad search that will bring results for a lot of different knockoffs. This way the sellers won’t get caught as easy and you will have more options.

However, some brands such as Denon or the Danish B&O or is very common at Aliexpress just by searching B&O or Denon. I guess they have not hired lawyers yet to stop the replica trade at Aliexpress. By this I mean, that some brands are still available just by searching their name or a simple acronym. BUT most brands will not be searchable this way anymore. So here follows some good ways to find a lot of different replica headphones at Aliexpress. There are many unbranded as well but browse through the results and you will find!:

If you have other suggestions you want to share, please leave a comment.

Best Chinese headphone shops at Aliexpress

There are countless of different ear- and headphones available at Aliexpress but as always you want to pick a trusted seller when shopping. So I have chosen 3 shops which have top-grades when it comes to to positive feedback, how long they have been in business and how dedicated they are to head- and earphones. You should still, however, read the bad feedback the shop might have for a specific product to make sure, you are buying the best possible product!

  1. Store:Shenzhen Emgreat Technology Ltd. Open:5 year(s), 53308Best headphones Aliexpress98.9% Positive feedback
  2. Store:Bluedio official store Open:1 year(s), 43664Replica headphones98.7% Positive feedback
  3. Store:KZ Headphones Official Flagship Store Open:2 year(s), 16719chinese headphones aliexpress98.5% Positive feedback

There are probably many more good stores to buy from.. Either go and check out more headphones out or please leave a comment about your favourite electronics store and dont forget to mention why.