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The knife can be your best friend in the kitchen – if it is good and maintained properly. But there are big differences between different brands and a high price is not always a guarantee of sharpness. So I have checked out the knife selection at Aliexpress in order to find the best and sharpest kitchen knives available.

A sharp knife makes cooking a lot easier. But in many kitchens drawer are full of knives, that are not necessarily particularly good or sharp.

– People usually have too many knives as they do not maintain them properly. So first step is to maintain your knive properly and for that you need a good knife sharpener. There are many knife sharpeners at Aliexpress but if I were to enhance a couple of sharpeners it would definitely be the Ruixin Pro III which is a professional tool. Don’t use the super cheap ones since they will mess up the blade..

Which knife should I buy?

The question is now, which knife you have to buy – if you want a fresh start? I have compared knives in different price ranges I have tested both the sharpness of new blades how quickly the blade becomes worn, and how easy it is to do the cutting edge sharp again when it has become blunt. I have also looked at how the knife is to use.

Somewhat simplified, there are two types of knives: Those sharp from the start but wear out quickly. But are easy to sharpen again. And then there are the knives that are not affected as much, but more maintains a steady level throughout the testing process. What type that fits you the best is of course a matter of taste and depends on how often you are willing to sharpen your knife.

– The reason that the knives are not just easy to slide and grind sharp again, depends mainly on how hard the steel is, but also the alloys used in the steel. Grinding angle of cutting edge also plays a role.

                                    8″ chef knife 73 layers Japanese Damascus steel.damascus steel kitchen knife aliexpress

The above knife was my favourite and it is only 74$ which is extremely cheap for a japanese layered knife made from damascus steel. It is nice to handle, it has the right weight and it is very sharp.. Besides that it looks very nice as well.

                                            TRAMONTINA CENTURY 8 “kitchen knives aliexpress

Again a very nice knife. A bit heavy in its feel but a classic knife at a reasonable price. I would still prefer a Japanese ironed knife though.

                                          Japanese Kitchen 7″ Santoku Chef knifesantuko chef knife Aliexpress

Another Japanese knife. And again a beautiful knife from Aliexpress at a very affordable price. Not as beautiful as the first but still extremely good. Sharp, good handling and perfect weight.

                                            Meat Cutter Kitchen 8″ knifechef kitchen knives Aliexpress

The cheapest knife I have tried from Aliexpress (beside ceramic knives) was also a proper knife. It misses a little compared to the other knives but it is functional and I would not be able to find a knife in this price range in Denmark that’s half as good.

Other factors when buying a chefs knife

In addition to the sharpness to be a factor when choosing a knife, of course, preferences on how to work with it also plays a part. Some prefer a lighter knife, others would like a little more weight.

– The knife should lie comfortably in your hand. It must not be bigger than you can handle.

– Much is also about habit. And no one is a master chef, just because they have a sharp knife. One tip is to buy five kilograms of onions along with the new blade and work their way into the knife. Then you probably have mastered the technique.

There are extremely many kitchen knives at Aliexpress and my taste might not reflect yours, so please visit the site and check out their selection and I guarantee that you will find one fitting your needs – Go to