Best shops for fake Chinese Fender guitars

Fake Fender guitar shops Aliexpress

Fender guitars are classics. From the Stratocaster and Telecaster to the Jazzmaster and many other. The Fender guitars have been used by music legends such as Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix and countless others.

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These guitars are very expensive which is why many people seek fake Fender guitars. Of course you will not get an exact copy playing like the real deal. But you will get what you pay for. Spending 400$ on a fake Stratocaster will supply you with a 400$ worth of guitar looking exactly like a real Stratocaster. If you are a professional, I would not recommend buying a fake, since the sound is not like the genuine. But if you are a hobby guitarist and your budget is around 200-500$, why not buy a fake Fender which looks amazing and still has the same quality as another same level priced no brand guitar.

Finding the fake Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars at Aliexpress

There are several options for finding the specific model you look for. The most obvious is to just type in the model name, Stratocaster and Telecaster, which actually works okay. Not many suppliers though. If you, on the other hand, uses different acronyms (listed below) you will end up with more options and sellers with some extremely relevant feedback. You do want to buy the best possible fake Fender within your budget right? So here are some good search options for replica Fender guitars (most reputable sellers listed in the top).

This brings you some relevant results but another way is to find the best shop (perfect if you are not set on a specific model yet). After doing some research for fake Chinese Fender guitars, I noticed a couple a very reputable shops among the results. If you are not sure how to see if a shop is reputable the check the small picture below – First you see how long the shop has existed, then number of orders and last the feedback score. All three elements are important. You dont want to buy from a 1 week old shop with no feedback..

Last way of searching is by artists. If you are looking for some iconic guitars played by great artists. Search for the “artist name + guitar”..

Best Fender Guitar shops Aliexpress

Below I have listed the top 3 fake Fender guitar shops I could find at Aliexpress, judged by the above.

  • Store: Best OEM customised guitar shop! Open:3 year(s), 160895.3% Positive feedback. One of the best guitar shops at all at Aliexpress. Sells many other models as well as customised guitars. Very impressive
  • Store: G era musical instrument storeOpen:2 year(s), 36697.5% Positive feedback. Also good for Gibson guitars and an impressive 97,5 positive feedback out of 366 orders. They are highly professional.
  • Store: Rock guitar shopOpen:2 year(s), 14295.9% Positive feedback. Nice and stable shop. Good selection and nice customer service..

Other things to be aware of when shopping guitars at Aliexpress?

It is a good thing to buy the guitar with a case, especially if wooden. It is a long journey from China and handling is not one of the key objectives. You can also use DHL or Fedex for faster and better shipping. This will, however, cost you a reasonable amount of money.

Also be aware of customs. These guitars will be stopped at customs (most likely not if using DHL or Fedex) and you will have to pay additional vat and handling fee. This depends on your countrys customs but will normally all in all be between 30-60$ everything included. Sometimes they run right through and you will never know. But calculate with either customs or a more expensive way of shipping your new fake Fender guitar from China.