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Is there anyone who does not know Burberry? I think it is unlikely. Burberry is one of the ultimate biggest fashion houses that have ever existed. They are especially known for their checkered pattern, Nova, that persists in the colors beige, white, black and red. Again we are lucky that we can buy Burberry from Aliexpress. Here are a couple of the most popular fake Burberry items from Aliexpress.

Burberry trenchcoat from Aliexpress

Burberry was founded in 1856, the only 21-year-old Thomas Burberry. Nearly 20 years later, the company started to produce outerwear. And Burberry is today, probably still best known for the classic trench coat.
Burberry trench coat Aliexpressfake burberry trench

In 1891 opened the first store in London. The store is today Burberry’s headquarters. With time, the Burberry all grown huge, and has achieved tremendous progress over the World.

Once Burberry was, sadly, considered a brand only the older ladies, the rich class, went with. It was thankfully done about as, among others, the English soccer player David Beckham began appearing around the world, in different Burberry clothing.

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Burberry scarf from Aliexpress

Burberry Scarf Aliexpressfake burberry scarf

Such a checkered Burberry scarf, could be quite nice to have for the beginning of the automn, right? The scarf is made of 100% cashmere, making it incredibly beautiful, to wear. Cashmere is acknowledged one wool type, which is very warm. The good thing just cashmere is that it does not scratch, but is incredibly soft. Some compare it even with rabbit fur!

There are also those who swear to cashmere, and indeed can not do without it in the winter. Another good excuse to invest in such a scarf from Burberry!

The scarf stays still in the classic pattern, but is available as said in other color combinations. It is 160 centimeters long and 30 centimeters wide.

But a scarf in the classic, checkered pattern from Burberry, you will then excude as much luxury as if you wore a trench coat – The checkered pattern that has gradually become synonymous with exclusivity and good style! See more Burberry scarfs from Aliexpress

Burberry watch from Aliexpress

Burberry watch AliexpressFake burberry watch
Burberry don’t only make clothing but also accessories such as watches. They are made with swiss clockworks which make them quite durable. At Aliexpress there are a different range of quality when it comes to Burberry watches. My best advise is to find a reliable vendor with a good feedback and chat with them about what kind of clockwork you want in your watch.
There are many more different Burberry products on Aliexpress. Search for Burb on Aliexpress.com and you will find what you are looking for!

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