Cheap Ralph Lauren Socks from AliExpress review

Fake Ralph Lauren socks from Aliexpress is a good deal

I bought 5 pair of very cheap Ralph Lauren Socks Aliexpress for only 11,90$ – Mix colors. Delivery time was around 2 weeks which is considered pretty fast when shipping with China airmail – when you have received tracking id you can track your parcel HERE. The package with Ralph Lauren socks was actually opened by Danish customs but they did not ask for any documents and I received them without paying any further (customs + taxes).

Unfortunately this was 3 years ago and here in 2017 you cannot find fake Ralph Lauren socks at Aliexpres anymore. Well, sometimes you can but it is very difficult.

Instead you can buy the brand Pier Polo which look almost completely similar to Ralph Lauren. I have often been asked if it is Ralph Lauren socks I am wearing and I just normally say yes. I can’t really tell the difference either.

There are many different Pier Polo socks available at Aliexpress but I highly recommend buying them from RuiRosy Socks Store. The quality is very good, thick and warm, and they do not shrink after washing them. Colors stay intact as well. Even the price is very good. Little less than $10 for 5 pair.

I will recommend to pay a minimum 1$ per pair of socks, if you want any known brand or design. If you pay less, the quality tends to be very poor – the socks are simply very thin and small. I bought 20 pair of Nike socks once for around 13$ and I threw them right in the bin.

Many other cool socks to choose from

You can still find plenty of different cheap socks at AliExpress. Sometimes you can also find Ralph Lauren knockoffs. Try search for polo socks or search for famous brand socks if you want to find a broader selection of replica socks.

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When you buy from vendors at Aliexpress make sure you buy from one who has a high positive feedback. Also try choosing a product with a high positive feedback itself. This way you will most likely end up with a nice product that is worth every penny.