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Fake Jordans from – Finding the best shops sells many different Nike Jordan shoes. The website has become the new Aliexpress in terms of buying all kinds of counterfeit products.

A pair of genuine Jordan shoes exceeds most peoples budget, especially if you want to own different models. At DHGate you can buy some high end Jordans for the fraction of the cost for a pair of genuine. Only thing you have to keep in mind before buying them there, is to choose a trustable shop that will deliver some high end replicas.

Best jordans DHgate

I have investigated for the best shops selling fake Jordans. I have looked at factors such as seller rating, number of orders, looked at youtube videos and even asked some shops provide pictures of the shoes. After looking at countless Jordan shoes at DHGate I found that many shoes are the same. All the respectable shops have the same high quality. Shops with few orders and/or questionable feedback were the ones that did not provide pictures, slow or no answering and the shops had not been around for long.

Below I have provided the 3 best shops at to buy Jordans. As there ar numerous different models to choose from, I have tried to select the most popular Jordan models, since these are also the ones replicated the most (also means better).


This shop has 14614 transactions at the moment and 99,7% positive feedback. They have been around for 6 years and they have had 203 reviews of their fake jordan shoes (4,5 stars out of 5).

I must admit that Jerseystore is the best and most trustable store at, if you want to buy a pair of replica Jordan shoes.

Not only will I recommend this shop for Jordans but also for Ice hockey shirts and other replica shoes.




Not as high feedback as Jerseystore but make no mistake. Judged only upon their Jordan shoes sneakerslover is equally as good.  They are specialised in selling good quality replica shoes. They have many different Jordan models and all have a high positive feedback.




Other shops selling jordan replicas

I started out buying fake shoes, clothing etc for myself at Aliexpress but since it has almost closed down all shops selling counterfeit products I only use DHgate at the moment. You can read my old post about Air Jordan shoes at Aliexpress but you will probably not find any replica jordans at Aliexpress anymore.

Instead spend your time finding a suitable pair at Simply search for Jordans and you will have plenty of results to investigate from. Good luck finding Jordans at