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Find the best Replica sunglasses from China

I have previously made posts about specific models of fake Ray Bans and fake Oakley models but there are many other different replica designer sunglasses at Aliexpress and which are two huge Chinese portals. At the moment it is easier finding fake sunglasses at DHGate and quite hard at Aliexpress.

Since you can’t search directly for the brands at DHGate and Aliexpress you need to know some alternative names to search by. So the idea is to have a list of acronyms that will make it easier for you to find your a specific brand within sunglasses. But also provide broader search terms which give results for all kinds of designer brands – just like my Aliexpress brand finder table.

I have also found a selection of cool replica sunglasses from DHGate sold by trusted sellers. You can check it out below (logo and names have been removed for complying with trademark laws).

Replica sunglasses – search table

Below is the search table making it easy to search for your favourite sunglass brand at Aliexpress and DHGate. In case I can’t find any at Aliexpress I have used DHGate instead. Use the search bar or browse through the designers and acronyms. Links are provided in the far right box of the table:

BrandRelevant posts on my blogLinks
Alexander McQueenAlexander sunglasses
BvlgariSometimes available:
Bv sunglasses
CarreraSometimes available:
Carrera sunglasses
Channel Channel sunglasses
Cat eye sunglasses
Di or Or sunglasses
d*or sunglasses
Dolce & GabbanaSometimes available:
Dg sunglasses
D brand sunglasses
Emporio Armani e a sunglasses
Italian brand sunglasses
FendiFen sunglasses
Giorgio Armani Ga sunglasses
Guci cc sunglasses
G brand sunglasses
HermeH brand sunglasses
Marc JacobsSometimes available:
Mj sunglasses
Miu Miusometimes available
Miu sunglasses
MB mb sunglasses
OakleyOakley sunglasses Aliexpress Oak sunglasses
O brand sunglasses
PradaSometimes available
P brand sunglasses
Pra sunglasses
Ray BanRay ban Sunglasses Aliexpress Ray sunglasses
Ray Ben
Tom Ford Tom Sunglasses
Ford sunglasses
VersaceVersa sunglasses
VogueVogue sunglasses
Various different designer brands Fashion brand sunglasses
Luxury brand sunglasses
Famous logo sunglasses
Italian designer sunglasses
American brand sunglasses

Which sunglass shop should I choose?

As it is not legal for the shops to sell replica sunglasses, not many have a lot of orders and feedback. However, if you choose to buy sunglasses in the price range 2-12$ you should not worry too much about the quality as it is quite similar among the different shops. If you choose a pair of expensive replica sunglasses, I would advice to find a shop with that has high positive feedback and specialises within sunglasses. Read the feedback for similar products in their catalog to see if it is a reputable shop / seller. This way you will have a lot higher chance og receiving a pair og brilliant knockoffs.

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