Buying an electrical shaver at Aliexpress

Shavers and razor blades Alixpress

You have already been shaving for years and you know your preferences and your already acquired habits, but if you have reached this page, you are probably looking for a new shaver.

Technological progress and ever emerging new electric technology are revolutionizing the market and making high performance shavers better and cheaper than ever.

In this guide below I am looking at the best shops to buy electric shavers cheap and peacefully.

If you are accustomed to razor blades I will also show you the best prices and shops for blades.

Shavers on

The shaving machines at Aliexpress has the same features as the main machines on the market – like brands as Philips and Braun.

On they have much cheaper prices ranging from $ 20 to $ 40, compared to $ 60 which is the cheapest price of a Braun shaver. That is quite a difference, especially considering the benefits in many cases are exactly the same,

Electric shavers on AliExpress

In the high range of razors / shavers that can be found at AliExpress I have found a selection of the most frequently bought and rated shavers.

Most sold shavers: First of all, I can highlight the 3 most sold shavers. All 3 has the newest technology and they cost between $ 20-40 with the most sold as the most expensive. Number 2 and 3 are actually the same model from two different shops. Since these are SO popular they are the safe choice when acquiring a new shaver at

Choosing a shop selling shavers at Aliexpress

Among all providers at AliExpress I have found both good and bad rated sellers of electric shavers. I have then selected the best sellers that I have found, who provide high guarantees for purchases of their products.

KayStar shopping Store is specialised in electrical products and has a very high positive rating. They sell 32 different shavers all earning positive feedback.

Kemei speciality care store: This shop is specializing in shavers, razors and other hair removal products. Very high rated store and my personal favourite.

Flyco healthy appliances:  with 2 diamonds and more than 98,5 % positive ratings this seller offers very good discounts on their products and has a wide range of products whether you are looking for Shaver accessories or complete machines

Other tips and tricks when buying shavers at Aliexpress

If you find a product you want to buy, it is always advisable before you purchase it, to get in contact with the seller to address any questions that you might have. Then you also know how fast you can expect them to answer you..

Gillette razor blades on AliExpress

Razorblades are popular and those of the Gillette brand are especially. You can find them by following the link – HERE. Buying them from Aliexpress will save you a lot of money!

I have actually made a post about finding Gillette razorblades at Aliexpress once before.. Follow the link to read it. Or go to Aliexpress and check out more shavers.