Buying toys for children at Aliexpress

Toys are cheap and plenty at Aliexpress

You can buy all kinds of children toys at Aliexpress. I have done posts about Aliexpress Lego bricks and they are extremely popular and the quality is amazing. So I checked out which other popular children toys that were available at Aliexpress. I found that almost everything was available. Barbie dolls (check it out), transformers (check it out), Frozen figures (check it out), Action man (Check it out), Duplo (check it out) and many many many more different toys. I might have to make a post for each one of the popular items as I want to check out the quality. But as long as you choose a reputable seller I guess it will be excellent .

How much do you save by being toys from Aliexpress

As for Lego building blocks you save at least 50% of the retail price and mostly more. If we take a look at the Avengers 30 cm figures, they cost around 25$ in retail in Denmark and 10-12$ incl shipping at Aliexpress.
Avengers Superheroes Action Figures Toys 30cm Aliexpressavengers action figures aliexpress

This counts for all kinds of toys at Aliexpress and judged by the feedback most of it receives, the quality is superb.

Good trustable shops for buying toys at Aliexpress

I have found a couple of good trustable Aliepress toy shops which are very popular and trustable. If you are looking for good shops for building blocks, please read my post about Lepin Lego bricks

Nalan toy store has been open for 3 years and has a huge assortment, good prices, good service and an excellent feedback. They are specialised in selling Disney and Action man toys.

The Eighth Space has been open for 2 years and has the absolute best selection of all kinds of action figures and super hero figures. They also have a large selection of small plush dolls.

Niuniu Daddy has been open for 3 years and has the best selection of giant plush dolls and fun outfits for children at Aliexpress. They also have a really high feedback score of 98% which indicates trustability.