Cheap MilG watch from China review

Fake MilG watch from Aliexpress review

All brand names and models have been changed, because using them is infringing the trademark law.. And further more I am not selling or promoting any sale of replica watches. Only am I telling about how I found the ones I have bought.

I bought this knockoff watch for 132$ incl Dhl shipment from a Chinese vendor on AliExpress. The seller made sure no additional taxes had to be paid as the invoice was set to 10$. The watch looks just like the original with crystal glass and stainless steel material but that was all! The watch stopped moving during night time and I had to adjust the time again. The automatic rewind system made loud noices when I moved my arm and after 4 weeks it stopped working.

So all in all a beautifull watch with a shitty clockwork. I bought it from Godfather´s Store on Aliexpress and the seller promised me that the clockwork was really good and could run for years. So dont trust this shop or the seller (name: Andy Liu)!

Can you find some better MilG watches?

As this was one of my first trades on Aliexpress I forgot to be careful of the sellers behavior. He was far to eager to sell me the MilG watch using terms as “best quality in China” and “clockwork best in Asia”. I probably should have asked which movement was put into the fake watch and I could easily have figured out that it was bullocks.

Further more it has become extremely difficult to find any replica watches at Aliexpress. Luckily you can use other sites that are even better. I solely use when I want to buy a fake watch. 

You can try and search for the model you want to find at Aliexpress. You will mostly find lookalike brands like Parnis which looks exactly like the model intended except for the logo.