Cheap smartwatches from Gearbest

Cheap smartwatches from Gearbest

I already have a couple of different smartwatches from but their selection is huge and they are cheap as well. Prices range from 2$ up to around 800$ for the most expensive Garmin models which are still cheap compared to other online retailers.

GearBest smartwatches

One of the best things about Gearbest is that they both have an American warehouse and a European warehouse with lots of products in stock. This makes many products from Gearbest the cheapest online. Simply because you don’t have to pay any vat, fees or any other taxes. I have bought a couple of smartwatches from Aliexpress and about 50% of them are not stopped in Danish customs and some are cheaper than the Danish vat limit of 13$, but the rest are stopped and it costs me a fee of 30$ + 20% vat of the product price. When I buy from the Gearbest European warehouse, I don’t have to worry about this. For expensive products this actually makes Gearbest cheaper than Aliexpress within many product categories.

My favorite Gearbest smartwatch

Before ordering you should always check for Gearbest coupons available at the moment.

Which is the best smartwatch?

When you are looking for the best smartwatch, then you have to ask yourself many questions before you can get a clear answer. Most important question is “for what other purposes besides, checking the time, do I need it for?”. Is it for running? Does it need sim-card for calling? Basically, what else than checking the time, do I actually need? Then it is obvious that the more advanced the watch the bigger the price. And of course established brands, such as Garmin, they charge higher prices than unknown Chinese manufactures. But they also look a lot fancier.

So in the end you need to choose between functionality, price and design. When you have come to terms with that, then I think you should choose a smartwatch from Gearbest since they are cheap and offer a really superb service – Go to Gearbest and check out their selection of smartwatches HERE