Cheap wine aerator is one of the best

Cheap wine aerators from Aliexpress

This is a short review of a very cheap wine aerator from Aliexpress. It only cost 0.94$ a piece and that includes shipping from China. It is actually just as good as many other expensive devices used for decanting wine. I drink a lot of good Argentinian wine and therefore it is important for me to use the right remedies. But that does not mean they have to be expensive.

Cheap wine aerator is a must buy

I really do think that all wine drinkers should invest in a wine aerator. It is less than a dollar and it will make your wine a lot more fragrant and tasteful. I have bought 5 different wine aerator devices on Aliexpress and this is the cheapest. You can also buy the same aerator with a plug which is useful if there is some leftover wine left in the bottle.
Wine Aerator Aliexpresscheap wine aerator Aliexpress
Above is the cheap wine aerator i bought from Aliexpress. The aerator has a little hole for sucking in oxygen which then mixes in with the wine. At the same time it makes the wine come out in a thin jet which makes it splash into the glass, mixing it even more with oxygen.
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