Cheap cellphone running armbands from Aliexpress

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This Chinese armband from China is an under 10$ bargain which runs directly through customs in almost all countries. I will later make a list of the best buys less than 10$ and a list of categories that should be avoided if they are bought for less than 10$.
But back to the Chinese armband, one piece is from around 3$ including shipping. In Denmark the cheapest armband costs 12$ so it will save you a lot to buy it from Aliexpress. The quality is not an issue because they are pretty simple to manufacture and with that pricetag you might only loose a few bucks if the armband sucks!


Running armbands fit all Iphone models and Android cellphones

You can buy a Chinese armband in all kinds of colors and designs fitting whatever phone you own. They are functional, cheap and work perfect for your phone. Best option if you dont want to invest in a running watch. These running armbands would also make a good product for a webshop or a 1$ shop.

Running ArmBands Aliexpressiphone armband aliexpress

Phone accessories are cheap in China
I will recommend to generally buy your Iphone accessories from Aliexpress or some other Chinese supplier. All accessories are VERY cheap and you can get practically everything – and I mean everything!
Iphone covers cost between 0,5$ – 5$ depending on quality and material and that is including shipment. Bumpers are around the same..
Battery covers cost around 20$ and are very practical for festivals and holidays (buy them here)
I have recently made a new blog in Danish about herb medicine and I know it has nothing to do with this site but please check it out:

I will make a list of the best Iphone accessories on Aliexpress as fast as possible but up til then go checkout some bestselling products on sale HERE.