Chinese Carbon frame from AliExpress

Chinese Carbon frame from AliExpress

After long consideration I have bought a cheap carbon frame from China (CHECK IT OUT) – more precisely a fake Pinarello frame also known as “Chinarello”. My reasons are simple. I do not have the economy to purchase a real one, with Ultegra and all the other bling-bling equipment. My good friend is a bicycle repairer and knows how to assemble bikes thus I have actually heard that the “Chinarellos” and other chinese carbon frames in general are good value for money. I know a bit myself about building bikes and thought it would be an exiting experience.
The top picure is the actual frame I received. I considered painting it in a matte black but I this would cost me additional money and after all I think it looks astonishing.

Fake pinarello frame chinarello

The main reason I actually made the purchase, is my acquainted who actually owns a chinese Chinarello, and is very happy with it. He has ridden around 1400 kilometers and have had no issues so far.

Nonetheless, Danish bike forums and American as well, really bullshit talk these fake frames, saying they practically break while cycling. This does not concern me because they do not seem to have any proof that they actually do, and I am pretty sure I will be content when it is assembled.

Chinarello price including parts

The price including frame, cables, seatpost, carbon patches, handlebar, handlebar tape, forks, clamp, Shimano Ultegra groupset, wheelset, saddle and all the other components ended up being around 2.000$ which I consider extremely cheap.
Shimano Ultegra Groupset Aliexpressfake Shimano ultegra groupset
Almost all parts was bought at but also a couple of parts from my friends bicycle workshop. When shopping bikeparts and carbon frames at Aliexpress, make sure to choose a reliable shop with lots of positive feedback!

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