Replica Dupont Lighter from Aliexpress review

Fake Dupont lighter from Aliexpress

I have bought 2 replica / fake Dupont lighters from Aliexpress which are both super good looking. Unfortunately you cannot send lighters with Dhl (it is too expensive) so I had to send them with HK. This normally means that you have to pay additional tax and vat in Denmark. I paid $60 for the two fake st Dupont lighters including shipping. Tax will cost me $45 further so all included $105. Still an awesome deal. However, the package weren’t stopped in Danish customs which made the deal even better. As this purchase was almost 4 years ago, you can actually buy a fake st Dupont lighter cheaper here in 2017.

Link to the shop where I bought itfake replica dupont lighter

One think that strikes me as odd is the fact that you can actually still find fake Dupont lighters at Aliexpress. Almost all replicated brands have been removed from the site but somehow Dupont is still available. Maybe it is due to the fact that not many people seeks this brand at Aliexpress but nonetheless I won’t complain about it.

Quality of the fake Dupont lighter from Aliexpress

I have used my replica Dupont lighter for some time now (almost 4 years) and I am still really happy with it. Everything about the replica st Dupont lighter is still working. When it some day goes to sleep I will definitely buy a new one from China.

You can also see many Youtube videos of people who have bought a Chinese Dupont copy and most seem to be as high quality as mine. Ultimately it is all about ordering one from a trusted vendor.

Finding a trusted replica Dupont lighter shop

When you go to Aliexpres, you can simply type in Dupont and you will see all the different shops selling them. Again this atypical for finding a replicated item at Aliexpress but in this case it works.

When you see all the vendors selling the lighters, you simply sort the results by either orders or seller rating. This way the best shops will show up first. I have done this for you HERE

Other replica lighters at

You can find most of the famous brands within lighters at Especially fake Zippo lighters but you can also find man ycool unbranded lighters. If you just search for “lighter” you will get around 150,000 results and with that many there should at least be a couple of lighters fitting your needs!



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