Chinese Gibson guitars – Best online retailers?

Best Aliexpress shops for Fake Chinese Gibson guitars

I own a fake Chinese Gibson guitar which I bought from Aliexpress. To be precise it is a J200 but now I m looking to buy a new one. I am still going for an acoustic or semi acoustic Chinese Gibson guitar but the shop I bought my last one from has closed. So I have to find a new supplier.  While looking for a new shop, I realised I just as well could post “my results” here. Anyways I ended up choosing a Fake Gibson Hummingbird from Wuhan Justin music shop.

Since I have a lot of experience with Aliexpress was not too hard picking a shop to use. The Chinese Gibson guitars or “Chibsons” are really good compared to the price and finding them at Aliexpress is easy (read more on that later). Of course they are not as good as a 3000$ handbuild Gibson guitar but for 300$ you get a beautiful and very well playing guitar.

Remember to buy it with a case, so it won’t get injured during transportation, of which I have heard some rumours. Choosing Wuhan Justin music shop was the only sane choice since it is a very rated and trusted shop. I will make a review of the fake Hummingbird when it has arrived.

What fake Gibson model can I find at Aliexpress?

You can find most models and finding them is quite easy. However, it is not legal to sell fake Gibson guitars at Aliexpress, so sometimes some shops are removed. This will not influence any orders you have made prior to that..

After you have made a search for a specific Gibson model at Aliexpress, you should pick a shop that have already sold some of the guitars. You will be able to see their feedback for the specific product you are interested in. Below I have listed links to different fake Chinese Gibson models at Aliexpress and listed the results by order quantity.

There are many more Chinese Gibson models available at Aliexpress. Just search for the model you like and they might also sell that one.

How much should a fake Gibson guitar cost?

The price is depending upon which materials your fake Gibson is made of and whether you want a hardcase to come with it. Paying everything from 200-400$ is reasonable.

Besides that, I dont think there is a really big difference in the quality of fake Gibson guitars at Aliexpress or other online shops. Just choose a reliable shop and EMS, DHL or Fedex shipping. Then you will be safe and receive a beautiful fake Chinese Gibson guitar.