Clever Cutter Aliexpress

Clever cutter Aliexpress

I saw the clever cutter in a commercial on tv and even though I first found it stupid, I ended up wanting one.. The price is 20$ with postage which I found a bit expensive, so I checked for the Clever Cutter at Aliexpress. There it is only around $5-10 including shipping.
  Clever cutter Aliexpresscheap clever cutter aliexpress
This is definitely affordable and therefore I decided to order one. Actually there are a lot of “as seen on tv” products available at Aliexpress for a fraction of the retail price. Earlier I have bought a Nicer Dicer plus at Aliexpress which ended up being a good business for me..

Check out “as seen on tv products at

What is a clever cutter?

Clever Cutter is a 2-in-1 knife and cutting board that chops and slices your favorite foods easily! The secret is supposed to be a 2-in-1 clever design with an ergonomic power pressure handle that effortlessly cut through food! Clever Cutters blades and extra wide mouth makes cutting fruits, vegetables, meats and more fast and easy.

After trying it, well it actually works pretty good, and it saves me time – especially from cleaning cutting boards. BUT this only counts for normal cuts. If you want your vegetables cut very small or in julienne, it is useless but for normal cubes / cuts it is awesome..

Where to buy the clever cutter?

There are many shops selling the clever cutter at Aliexpress and most of them are the same good quality. Choose a seller with at least 4 stars and a good product feedback as well. Beneath I have sorted these out for you, making the choice easier.

Best clever cutter shops at AliExpress – CLICK HERE

I actually think the clever cutter is a good choice as a christmas / birthday present for distant relatives and for other people where the presents should be small..