Fun Colourful Bluetooth Vase, Lamp and gadget – All in one

Fun Doonne Colourful Vase Lamp from Gearbest

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I randomly encountered this colourful Doonne Bluetooth vase lamp at Gearbest and I really thought it was super fun. I have a little love for funny gadgets and this colourful vase lamp was something I had not seen before. It can interact with your smartphone via an app and bluetooth. This means you can change the colours of the vase lamp by playing all kinds of a games (specially fun for children and me). I have put the Gearbest Doonne vase video beneath, so you can see what I mean.


Colourful Bluetooth vase lamp features

● 2 in 1 design
Smart Bluetooth lamp and flower arrangement vase
● Color changeable
Touch to select from 7 basic colors or choose from 1600 millions colors via smartphone / tablet App
● Remote control
Bluetooth 4.0 technology, 10 meters transmission distance
● Rechargeable
Built-in 1000mAh battery, fully charged for 5 – 6h, battery can last 20h
● Music mode
This lamp can constantly change colors with the frequency of music and movements
● Doonne light App interaction
Easy to access a greater variety of colors, operating scenarios and game modes
● Traditional glass-blowing craftmanship
Glass was heated into syrup-like liquid glass, and then blown into a vase shape with a blowpipe before cooling and solidification
● Not limited to illumination, Doonne doubles as your companion both at home and during travel

The lamp is 20 cm high and weighs 500 grams. It is blown using traditional glass blowing – First glass is heated to syrup-like consistence and then blown into a vase shape with a blowpipe before cooling and becoming solid.

Colourful Doonne vase lamp – more info

Doonne Vase Lamp is carefully designed for easy charging – with a touch mode so you do not have to move the vase in order to charge. Of course there is a small hole for the cable, so it does not interfere with the balance of the colourful vase lamp.

The vase lamp has a built in lithium battery underneath. When you fully charge the vase lamp, it can work without the power supply cable for 20 hours. To make use of the 16 million colours, you can download a mobile phone APP (both for Android and iOS) and connect via Bluetooth. The app has many ways of interacting as you can see in the video

More about the bluetooth vase lamp app

The App features a lot and is especially good to learn children the different colours. Little older children can use it to learn about colour mixing. So it can build the childrens cognitive abilities through the game which is very interesting! There is also a heartbeat function which detects the puls through the camera.

Where to buy the Doonne vase lamp

As I mentioned in the beginning I encountered it at Gearbest and I have searched at Aliexpress where I did not find it. Some other online gadget shops sell it but it is by far, cheapest at Gearbest. Right now it is on sale for only 41,39$ – CHECK IT OUT


 – Colorful bubbles game which is fun for children!
– Many interactive games
– Music mode which allows everything to colour your rhythm
– The App has even more features, just download it and seeker yourself