Comme Des Garcons Play t-shirt from Aliexpress review

Comme Des Garcons t-shirt from Aliexpress review

I finally received a Comme Des Garcons play t-shirt from Aliexpress together with a Ralph Lauren sweater and a Supreme hoodie. Shipping was only 12 days which I consider very fast and the size fits and quality is perfect. So I thought that a small review of my new Comme des Garcons t-shirt would be in place!

The Ralph Lauren sweater and the Supreme hoodie were also nice but unfortunately I cant fit the Supreme hoodie (size XL) but quality of that was still amazing though.

I ordered the Comme des Garcons t-shirt in a size xxl and it fits perfectly for an adult male – 85 kilograms and 185 cm tall. I normally use large but if you buy from China always ad one or two sizes to your normal fit.

This CDG t-shirt has a heart logo and the collection is called play. Normal price for a Comme Des Garcons Play t-shirt in Denmark is slightly above 100$ and I only paid 23$ at Aliexpress including shipping.

Finding Comme Des Garcons at Aliexpress isn’t easy anymore

It isn’t very easfake commes des garcons y to find the Comme Des Garcons brand at anymore. Searching for CDG or Play used to give lots of results. I can only find a little selection for girls at the moment. Try search for striped heart t-shirt.

If you need more info on how to search for brands at Aliexpress, please read my post about that issue: Finding brands at Aliexpress.

Where can I buy a fake CDG t-shirt then?

No worries, there are other Chinese websites just as good as Aliexpress, selling CDG t-shirts and other CDG clothing. Best choice is definitely where you can find lots of Comme Des Garcons clothing. Especially the Play collection. The site is similar to Aliexpress, so choose a seller with a high feedback rating and you will be safe. They mostly have replica CDG t-shirts for men. you can find them HERE.

Replicated t-shirts are cheap and quality is good

The best thing about ordering t-shirts from Aliexpress is definitely the price and the fact that they never get stopped in customs. I have probably ordered around 80 t-shirts from Aliexpress and not once have I had any trouble with the Danish customs. This actually counts for all clothing. I am getting ready for summer at the moment, so I am checking many t-shirts out and I would like to have some opinions of what to buy. I have bought a lot og Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani and Abercrombie but I need some new inspiration. So I kindly regard my readers to come up with some good ideas in the commentary field or a very small review of clothing you have bought at Aliexpress.

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