Cool sustainable wooden bamboo sunglasses from Aliexpress

Cheap and sustainable wooden bamboo sunglasses from Aliexpress

Bamboo sunglasses are the hit of this year. Bamboo is actually very sustainable and you can buy them cheap at

The right bamboo frame for everyone

Check out wooden bamboo sunglasses from Aliexpress HERE

Whether natural, dark stained or a used look, classic gray tinted lenses or unusual colored mirrored lenses – you can find all kinds of bamboo sunglasses that conceal and protect your eyes with style. In addition, Aliexpress offers many models in different sizes. This way both people with big or small heads can find appropriate bamboo glasses. To ensure that your sunglasses are always well protected – To protect the sunglasses many shops sell them with a bamboo case and a cleaning cloth.

Made of bamboo – sunglasses with style

Most sunglasses, if you search for “bamboo sunglasses“, are made of 100% bamboo.  Bamboo is a fast-growing raw material, which is particularly important in Asia, both ecologically and culturally. It is distinguished by its high stability and strength.

In terms of sustainability, bamboo is hard to beat and offers great advantages, in contrast to other woods. No trees must be felled and no forests destroyed. Bamboo grows extremely fast (up to 1m per day) and binds in its growth phase still extremely much CO2.

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Most popular wooden bamboo sunglasses Aliexpress

As earlier mentioned, there are many different wooden sunglasses at Aliexpress. Some made a 100% from bamboo and some made from both bamboo and plastic.

The ones made of 100% bamboo, coming with a bamboo cover are extremely popular (like the picture).

Many new “sustainable” brands are emerging selling this specific model. Some brand charge as much as $80-100 but why buy at this price, when you can purchase them for $10-15 at Aliexpress.

However there are many more cool models and I recommend paying more than $8 for a pair at a trusted vendor. Some of the really cheap glasses pretty much suck – they may look good but the glass is terrible!

I have found the most popular wooden sunglasses at Aliexpress for you HERE. Good luck finding your favourite bamboo sunglasses at Aliexpress.