Custom made Lord Bendtner jersey from Aliexpress

Custom made football / Soccer jerseys from Aliexpress

Lord Bendtner is a Danish football player and the best player on the earth. I wondered why I could not buy an official Lord Bendtner Wolfsburg jersey but luckily I could buy one through Aliexpress. You don’t need to get Lord printed on a Wolfsburg jersey or a Danish national team jersey but you can get almost all team jerseys custom-made. I would prefer that you support Lord Bendtner but I know that we can’t all be fans. He wears number 3 in Wolfsburg and number 11 on the Danish national team if you should decide to get one 🙂

Price and quality of custom-made sports jerseys

Price ranges between 15$ and 65$ per jersey and you should not spend more than 30$. Use established shops with many transactions and read their feedback scores to get a clue about quality and trustworthiness. I bought my Lord Bendtner Wolfsburg jersey for 17,52$ and my Danish Lord Bendtner Danish national team jersey for 22$ and the quality is good. The jerseys are almost exact replicas! Both mine was size XL and they fit me (185 cm and 85 kilograms). Would have chosen an XXL but they did not have that.

I had no problems with the Danish customs which I never have when it comes to clothing. So I guess there should be no worries concerning that.

If you are looking for different club jerseys then search for CUSTOM SOCCER and you will find many different shops selling soccer jerseys that offer good service and quality. Almost all shops provide custom-made jerseys – you just need to chat with the seller to be sure he gets it right!

Buy a Lord Bendtner Wolfsburg jersey and become a fan 🙂