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Daniel Wellington replica watches are some of the most popular at Aliexpress

Buying a fake Daniel Wellington watch at Aliexpress used to be a piece of cake but as you have probably already noticed, it has become practically impossible to find any replica watches anymore at Aliexpress. However, many people are still seeking them at Aliexpress and sometimes you can still be lucky to find a shop selling them. I believe that it is a waste of time and you should find other alternatives instead – I will explain later.

What are my alternatives if I want to buy a fake Daniel Wellington watch?

There are several alternatives but I will focus on the best. Webites like Ebay and ioffer are too expensive and to find the best Daniel Wellington deals you need to stick with Chinese retailers. If you like to use a portal like Aliexpress, the answer to your prayers is easy. You can go to DHgate and shop for cheap Daniel Wellington replica watches. There are tone of vendors selling them there but before ordering one, you should know a littler about the different ones you can buy.

Another option I will come back to, is to order a Daniel Wellington lookalike watch from Aliexpress. These are almost 100% copies of DW watches but have another logo.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive DW replicas

There are many different qualities of Daniel Wellington replica watches at DHgate. I noticed by accident that they are very popular and I wanted to buy one myself. Prices I found on DW replicas were quite different. They are all quite cheap compared to some of the swiss replica watches and I found that the biggest difference is the quality of the armband and the weight of the watch. The cheapest Daniel Wellington watches from Aliexpress and DHgate cost (5-10$) come with a Japanese quarts clockwork just as well as the more expensive. The “better” replicas cost $20 and up. I found out by ordering two different DW replicas!


Daniel wellington replica watch AliexpressSo I ended up with two different Daniel Wellington watches: One DW watch that costs less than 10$ and one DW watch that costs around 30$. Whether there is a difference in the clockwork, I actually can’t tell. They seem to run quite similar! All vendors at DHgate and Aliexpress who sell Daniel Wellington replicas or lookalikes also claim that they come with a Japanese quartz clockwork, so they should “officially” be alike. If that is the truth – only time will proof.

The armband is a lot more nice on the expensive, as well as the materials it is made from. The cheap Daniel Wellington replica has a plastic feel to it and the expensive seem a lot more solid and also weighs more.

I actually think that both Daniel Wellington watches are nice compared to the price. An original Daniel Wellington watch costs around 200$ in Denmark, so you can buy anything between 10-40 Daniel Wellington replica watches at Aliexpress for the same price.

I want to buy one, how do I find them?

As I mentioned in the beginning, you have to options. Buying a fake DW watch from DHgate or ordering a lookalike from Aliexpress. Because DHgate is a portal like Aliexpress, it means there are many different vendors selling Daniel Wellington watches. You can find them simply by searching for dw watch. Now you have to choose a trustable seller and like on the Aliexpress platform, the seller feedback rating is the upmost important factor to guide you.

As you notice, this seller has sold 159 pieces and have a 100% positive feedback. Quite impressive. Only downside is that you have to buy 3 fake DW watches at the time. So next thing you have to do, if you only want to buy a single watch, is to type 1 in minimum order.

This gives you several options but I have sorted the results by bestselling and these two shops come up first. One with a leather armband and one with the classic Daniel Wellington armband. It is the same seller selling both of them and you can visit his shop HERE.

As these are the cheap DW knockoffs and you are looking for some better and more expensive options. You type in lets say$20 in minimum price. You can check out a really good shop for extremely well made DW replicas HERE.

Daniel Wellington lookalikes from Aliexpress

There are really many different Daniel Wellington lookalikes at Aliexpress. Sometimes you might even be lucky to find a shop selling fake ones. Just search for DW watch at Aliexpress and you will see a lot of different watches looking surprisingly similar to Daniel Wellington watches:

Daniel Wellington watch series

Daniel Wellington produces two different series. One for men and one for women. The only difference is, however, only the size of the watch case. The Men’s collection is 40 millimeters wide, Ladies’ collection 36 millimeters wide. Women can easily wear a watch from the Men’s collection – and vice versa.

Hope you found some useful information in order to buy a replica DW watch. Do you have suggestions or other good alternatives, please leave a comment.

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