Danish design replica furniture at Aliexpress

There are many on the market when it comes to Danish design replica furniture. Replicas has been produces in China for quite some while and it is actually legal. British and other eu countries also try themselves to imitate the Danish design furniture. They are a lot more expensive though but still legal..

There are many great Danish designers, and what are we to make of replica models? There are good classics and original Danish designs such as The Egg by Arne Jacobsen and Wegner Y chairs.

What are the rules about Danish design and replica furniture?

There are different opinions about what people should be allowed to copy. On the one hand, the protection of the artists and designers behind, that shall live and have bread on the table but on the other hand, there is also something about that more people should have access to these beautiful design classics. Danish furniture design provides an opportunity for the replicas in great style. Buying the furniture replicas from Aliexpress means some expensive shipping prices but some really good prices for the product itself. Buying multiple dining chars cuts down the shipping price and you will make hell of deal. Quality is some of the best available and that is because it is legal to produce them…
As the law is today, it is illegal to replicate those designs on Danish soil. The designer must have been dead for 70 years before it becomes legal to replicate these furniture. This does not apply in China and other countries outside Denmark. Here people are free to produce and act with Danish design furniture and therefor Danish design replicas are flying into the Western market.

Replica Ant chair by Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair Aliexpressreplica egg chair
A replica Ant chair is one of the best deal you can make at Aliexpress. The chair costs 159$ at Aliexpress including shipping and the price for a real genuine one is around 600$. Buying multiple chairs at Aliexpress will of course give your an even better price.

Danish design furnitures are in high demand. I think the beautiful design should be for everyone why I also believe that buying replica furniture is okay..

A nice tip when buying replica dining chairs is to buy original leather fittings for the chair. No one will ever be able to tell that it is a replica and that you paid less than a quarter for the actual chair 🙂

Finding the replica design furniture you like

Because it is legal to produce most replica furniture, you can just search for the model you like. Finding The Egg Chair -simply search for “Egg Chair”. Go to Aliexpress and start searching.