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A Guide To Purchasing A Bong from DHgate

Are you thinking about buying a new bong from DHGate.com? Almost everyone in Denmark is smoking weed and if you are, you are always on the look for a new bong.  Maybe your piece is broken, or you might have some extra cash burning in your pocket, maybe you just need to upgrade your old bong. No matter what, I will help you choosing a good bong from DHgate. You can also find other kind of smoking equipment like chillums, pipes, vaporisers, grinders at DHGate.com but due to the overwhelming selection, I will try focusing on bongs in this post.

First you need to consider what variety you are looking for. Varieties include glass, acrylic, plastic, ceramic and wood – even probably more. Obviously plastic bongs are cheapest, ceramic tend to look the weirdest, glass is classic and wooden bongs are “green” and durable. Ultimately it is a matter of personal preferences.

Secondly you need to know what the bong will be used for. Is it only for home usage or are you bringing it along to friends or holidays? Obviously a big bong will be better for smoking at home and a small bong is best advised to bring along. Does it need to look good or are the smoking purposes the most important? Beside these questions, you also need to consider how big hits you can handle. If you are completely new to smoking, I would be carefull about my lungs. A big chamber in a bong means big hits, so the larger chamber the larger potential hits. If you can’t clear the chamber completely, it means you are left with “old smoke” which is not nearly as good as the first strike smoke.


If you are considering to buy a bong for solely your own use and you are not generally breaking stuff at home. Then you should consider buying a high tech bong. They are a little more expensive but still quite affordable at DHGate. What I mean by technical or advanced if you will means attachments, diffusers, percs, splash guards, ice catchers, and sometimes ash catchers. These bongs are mostly made from glass.

Below I have found the best bongs at DHGate, beside functionality, design and price, I have found the best shop for the pieces as well. By this I mean; the shops with the best feedback, most orders and knowhow. It is mostly glass bongs that are sold at DHGate and I will mainly focus on them.

Bongs Dhgate – best glass bongs


I have found 3 different glass bongs at DHgate that are each amazing:


This glass bong is 22,5 cm and very affordable. It only costs $36.33 at DHgate.com HERE.

I found a short video on youtube where it is in action. It is also the glass bong with most positive reviews (5 stars out of 5) from over 600 people.


This is a high tech bong. To see all its features you should check it out at DHGate.com HERE.

It costs $99.94 which I consider very cheap compared to European and US prices.

It is sold by Glamorous shop. The shop has a 99,1% positive feedback out of 1986 transactions. They sell many more different water pipes at very affordable prices.

Buy it if you are an advanced smoker who wants big chilled hits or if you want to take smoking to the next step. Dont buy it if you can´t keep it in safe surroundings at home – then you will end up breaking it!


Normal glass bong

This is a standard glass pipe. I included it because it is functional and cheap and basically that is the most important for most occasions. You can check it out HERE

It also has a lot of positive reviews at DHgate.com. The shop selling it, is probably the most trustable bong shop at DHGate. It is called by the weird name hfy glass shop. They are solely specialised in selling glass pipes and I am very impressed by their selection.




Ceramic bongs DHGate.com

Ceramic bongs are normally heavier than bongs made in other materials. This is just because it is a heavier material and big heavy bongs are not suitable for most people. The cool thing about ceramic bongs are the artwork that can be performed on them. You can buy them with a wide variety of different shapes and with many different paintings.

Biggest downside to ceramic bongs is the cleaning part. They are more difficult to clean and you can’t see the water inside them. That is a disadvantage for especially lazy people who might not notice the 1 year old disgusting bongwater inside it.

The selection of ceramic bongs at DHGate is almost nonexistent. But they do sell some weird glass painted bongs that are awesome. You can check them out HERE.

Other bongs and smoking gear from DHGate

as i mentioned earlier you can find all sorts of smoking gear at DHGate.com. The site is safe to use and to optimise your experience, try only to order from shops with a high feedback. Many products are only sold as wholesale (like 50 pieces per order) and to safe some time browsing on the website if you only need 1 piece. Then type 1 in minimum order and you will only see products where it is possible to order 1 piece.

Go to DHGate.com and check out their most sold bongs HERE