DHGate review

DHGate review

I am making this DHGate review because I have received many orders through the website now. Biggest different from Aliexpress is actually the amount of items you sometimes have to order from the retailers. But I will show you the quick way to sort that out, so you don’t waste your time with shops only selling 100 pieces at a time – If you are looking for expensive items, they normally ship out 1 piece at the time. Prices are likewise to Aliexpress but replicas are easier to find.

DHGate review

First of all you have to sign up for an account at DHGate which is pretty much the same process as Aliexpress. It is free and you just need the standart informations ready at mind. After you have set that up, you can start teaching for the items you like. Lets say you are looking for cheap Nike Freerun shoes – you type in “Freerun shoes” in the search bar.

Below you see what that search looks like. I have put squares around the fields which are important. First you can see the price. Type in the price range you are looking for and of course check of the free shipping box.


Second box from the left is  minimum order. Use this if you get a million results and it seems like everyone is only selling 50 pieces at the time. Type in the amount you are looking for. Third box is shipping options. I want to have my purchases to go safely through customs in Denmark. I have therefore chosen DHL, TNT and UPS shipping. I got 53 results for this search but one thing that is really cool at DHGate is, that they actually list the best sellers in the top. First seller has 7 nice DHGate reviews or feedback for his Free Run shoes. You can click the shoes and read several DHGate customer reviews of them. I’m choosing those.

Makes it a lot easier doesn’t it? There is even a box that says customer reviews. Kind of same function as the Aliexpress feedback, where customers can also leave pictures and comments about the product. Like Ali you should choose a shop which has good customer DHGate reviews.

Go to DHGate.com

You add the shoes by pushing the add to card button. You do not proceed to payment right away. If you want to pay immediately, then push the Cart button in the top right corner. All your items added are listed there.

Now you have the option to leave a remark to the seller. If I am buying expensive items, I use to chat with the sellers before ordering. I had an agreement of an invoice less than 13$ because I don’t want to pay taxes in Denmark. So I have typed that in, just to make sure he remembers. After that, you proceed to checkout.

At the DHGate checkout section, you can enter your shipping address and leave further comments. When you are done with your address, then proceed to the DHGate pay section.

Here you can easily pay with almost everything. DHGate.com uses Escrow protection, just as Aliexpress, which basically means that the seller will not receive payment, before you have received your order.

Posting a review and feedback at DHGate.com

After you have completed you payment, you can follow your orders at the “my orders” section. Here you can track your order, you can poste a DHGate review of your order and a lot more. It is quite easy and convenient. Again almost similar to the Aliexpress.com

DHGate reviews are similar to Aliexpress

Almost completely the same as Aliexpress. But the upside of DHGate is, that it is very easy to find the replica items of your liking. The reviews of DHGate online are kind of same as Aliexpress. But if you like Ali you should definitely try out DHGate.com.

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