Earn Aliexpress coupons

Earn Aliexpress coupons by sharing on social medias

An Aliexpress coupon can be earned by sharing the Aliexpress homepage on Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr. When you are signed in to your Aliexpress account simply press the share buttons and when your friends sign up on Aliexpress.com you will earn points which can be converted to coupons. It works by the same principles of various affiliate programs.

What are Aliexpress points and how do I get them?

As I mentioned before you earn points when you share Aliexpress.com on social medias. For every person who registers within 30 days after clicking your link on Facebook, Pinterest or Tumblr, you will receive 50 points. You will furthermore receive a 2% bonus of every purchase made by any friend within the 30 days. So if your friend buys a pair of shoes for 50$, you will be awarded with a 1$ bonus which is 100 Aliexpress points. These points can be exchanged for Aliexpress coupons.

How to share Aliexpress pages

You do this by clicking the different social media share buttons which can be found on the Aliexpress.com homepage or product pages.

Rules of Aliexpress coupons

  1. Points can be redeemed for coupons but please note that you can only receive 3 coupons per day.
  2. All points will expire on june 30 every year. So make sure to use your points before they expire.
  3. When you redeem points for an Aliexpress coupon, make sure to use it within 30 days because coupons will expire 30 days from the day you redeem them on.

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