Fake Abercrombie and Fitch Aliexpress

Fake Abercrombie and Fitch clothing from Aliexpress

Fake Abercrombie clothes are popular on Aliexpress. Especially Abercrombie t-shirts, shirts and poloes. I have bought many during the last couple of years and the quality is normally good. Around 8 out of 10 have been well made replicas and the last two were okay considering the price. Most annoying thing right now is all the Chinese Anjoy and Fitch shit all the sellers have. You have to search for abercrombie_ men, Abercr, af or ombie to find something useful. Still you will find the Anjoy brand which I have begun to hate. Thus the names to search for change all the time but if you type in Aber at Aliexpress, you will actually get some proposals of what to search for.

I recently found that searching for “abercr for omby” at the Aliexpress homepage sometimes work out but the supplier I used to buy my t-shirts from at Aliexpress has moved his shop to DHgate – Check it out

Replica Abercrombie pricerange

The pricerange for fake Abercrombie gear is pretty settled. T-shirts cost 12-15$, shirts 15-25$, tanktops 10-15$. All prices include shipping. I payed 15$ for my long sleeved Abercrombie shirt which I am very content with. Look at the vendor rating and feedback instead of the price before ordering and you will most likely receive a good replica product.
Replica polos DHgate.com
Fake Abercrombie Polo

Size and color warnings before ordering

I ordered my fake Abercrombie in 3XL and it fits perfect. Normally I am a size L-XL and if I order that, I well receive something intended for cheerleaders. If you are 175-190 cm order 3XL. If you are 2 meter plus, do not order anything. It simply wont fit you!
Last thing to be aware of is the colors. If you order a white t-shirt with red colored fabric on it, then you might end up with a pink t-shirt after washing it. If you avoid washing it warmer than 40 Celsius you should be safe. First time you wash a replica with colors, then never wash together with other white color cloth. You might end up ruining it all!
Abercrombie Aliexpress