Finding the best fake Calvin Klein boxer shorts online

Fake Calvin Klein Boxer shorts are everywhere

All men with respect for themselves have owned or holds at least one pair of Calvin Klein boxer shorts and probably also a pair of fake CK boxers. Calvin Klein was and is synonymous with the underwear of the best quality. In recent years they have been outsold by other brands, though.

Calvin Klein underwear for men has always been boxer shorts and panties with a perfect comfort that few other brands have been able to imitate. But the more known Calvin Klein has become, the more copies are available. The fake Calvin Klein boxers at Aliexpress vary a lot in terms of quality – some are really good and some questionable. So far I have not encountered a CK copy that was as good as an original pair but considering the price difference, I am more than pleased!

Other brands such as CR7 (Christiano Ronaldo’s brand), d&g and many more brands can also be found online.

I used to buy fake CK boxers at Aliexpress but they have gone…

Be aware that it is almost impossible to find fake Calvin Klein boxers at Aliexpress. This is because Alibaba is doing a huge effort to stop the sales of counterfeit products throughout all their websites. Since they went on the NY stock exchange it has become harder each day to find any Chinese replicated products.

Where can I find replica boxer shorts online

There was many websites selling fake Calvin Klein boxershorts but I liked the idea of Aliexpress where you can check product feedback. If you like me, love Aliexpress, you should use DHGate instead. The site is exactly like Aliexpress and you can still find many different brands (replicated of course) at the same low prices as Aliexpress. Unfortunately they dont sell any fake CK boxers.


However, you can find many of the more expensive Phillip Plein boxers. I actually  also like those more but I would still love to find some Calvin Klein boxershorts. I will update this section when I figure this out.

Meanwhile check out these cool fake Phillip Plein boxershorts from

In response to the large amount of counterfeit boxers in recent years. Calvin Klein has released a large amount of underwear for wholesale, which meant that CK underwear ended up in all the major supermarket chains in Europe, including supermarket and grocery store in Denmark. A very unfortunate action that affected the brand to loose a large part of their brand value but they are still the most presented fake boxer short brand available in Asian countries which also meant they were very popular at Aliexpress. Besides Aliexpress, which I consider the cheapest place to buy them, they are available many other places such as eBay.

Copy or True Calvin Klein boxer shorts?

Today, it can be hard to tell the difference between the real thing and a counterfeit product. The copies are extremely good, and if you have never owned a pair of genuine CK boxer shorts, it is really difficult to figure out whether it is genuine or copies that you have purchased. And even if you have owned a couple of genuine, it can still be difficult to find out if you don’t have some to compare directly.

In this guide I will try to make a summary of where I have found the best CK underwear at Aliexpress but still tell the differences with the real. It must be said that the guide is recommended, and therefore should be subject, depending on where in the world you bought your CK underwear. For there is a difference between products sold in eg Europe, and even the same model sold in the United States. Both in terms of production land, but also fit, barcodes, characteristics and boxes.

Guide to fake Calvin Klein men’s underwear:

Benieth are some downsides comparing fake to genuine but keep the price in mind! A pair of genuine Calvin Klein boxers can easily cost 30$ and a pair of good fake CK boxers from Aliexpress cost around a tenth.

  • Most fake CK boxers from Aliexpress don’t come with a box but if supplied in boxes they will be smooth and shiny and a lot unlike the original boxes.
  • On the elastic of the fake boxer shorts “Calvin Klein” is written with a slightly wrong text. The size of the elastic is also slightly smaller and as always, at Aliexpress, you should up a number in size in order to fit the size
  • Fake boxer shorts often have poor stitching or seams which is made different than the real.
  • The fabric is a little thinner and they won’t last for as long.

Which boxer shorts from Aliexpress should I choose then?

I don’t have a specific seller in my thoughts and considering the price I will recommend you to buy from different sellers in order to find your favorite boxers. I don’t like the fakes with the silver elastic band but some of my friends do. As always, you should find sellers at Aliexpress who have a good feedback rating and then go find the pairs you like the best.

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