Fake Converse All Star canvas Chucks from Aliexpress

Fake Converse All Star canvas Chucks from Aliexpress and DHgate

Fake All Star shoes are popular and I once bought a pair from Aliexpress for around $20. Nowadays (in 2017) finding fake Converse shoes at Aliexpress is a difficult task. Instead you can use DHgate which is almost completely similar.

Normal price for All Star shoes is around 80$ but sometimes you can buy the Chucks (in Denmark) for 50-60$ on sale. Beneath is a link to trusted shop at DHgate who sells some amazing Converse All Star knockoffs:
All Star DHGate.comfake all star chucks shoes

Fake Converse All Star shoes compared to the original Chucks

I bought them in the classic white color and I seriously cant see any difference between a pair of original Converse chucks and the knockoffs. Even the box they came in seems original, besides the scratches it got during transportation from China.

Next time I want to buy a pair of Converse All Star shoes, I will definitely use DHgate and save more that 50%.

Searching for All Star shoes at Aliexpress and DHgate

You can still find a little selection of fake Converse shoes at Aliexpress but you need to spend some time browsing the search results in order to find them. Make a search for All Star shoes and you can try finding a pair among the search results. There are a lot of All Star lookalike shoes at Aliexpress and if you don’t care about the Converse logo, you can buy a pair of cheap lookalikes for around $20.

Finding them at DHgate works the same way but you will find a lot more shops selling Converse knockoffs. Type in Converses or chucks and you will find a lot of different shops selling counterfeit Converse All Star shoes.

Replica shoes are all over the internet

Again (as I also commented in my Nike Freerun replica review), you see adds all over the net for replica shoes. On Facebook, Google Adword adds and even if you search for Converse shoes on google, you will encounter top ranked pages selling fake Converse Allstar shoes. It is a huge market and many people do not even know the shoes they are wearing are fakes. If you want to be sure to get original shoes, always buy from trusted and registered stores or simply go to a physical store. Then you should be safe. If you do not concern about getting replica products, then make sure you do not pay the original price! Price for a pair of fake Converse All Star Chucks should not exceed 35$ including shipping.