Fake Louboutin pumps

Fake high heels from Louboutin

I bought a pair of fake Louboutin pumps from Aliexpress (find them here) as a gift for my girlfriend and since she got a lot of compliments about the pumps I will make this review as a “how to buy fake Louboutin heels online guide”.

First of all, you can buy most of the fake Louboutin heels with or without the logo. The pumps come in many different looks and in many different prices. I would recommend to pay around 50-80$ per pair from a high rated seller (you basically get what you pay for). These heels on the picture cost 52$ per pair and I got it with Dhl shipment for an additional 30$. Shipment is around 5 days and make sure the seller sets the commercial invoice lower than 13$ (Denmark). And please send me a pm if you are in doubt about anything concerning this issue!

When you have found the right Louboutin pumps (at either Aliexpress or DHgate) remember to chat with the seller (if offline, then wait until online or find another seller) as it is very important the get the size and colour 100% right because it is practically impossible to return your Louboutin heels (very expensive to send them back to China). When your fake Louboutin pumps arrive, make sure everything is ok before you click parcel arrived in your Aliexpress.com or DHgate.com account. If you are satisfied always give a 5 star rating as it will help other people finding the best shops.

fake louboutin pumpsLouboutin pumps DHgate.com


The more you buy over time from a specific seller, the better the price will be – just remember to argue with the price and don’t be unreasonable!
If you want to search for Louboutin items at Aliexpress, simply search for “red sole”.

Picture of my girlfriends fake Louboutin heels

Finding Louboutin pumps and sneakers at Aliexpress.com and DHgate.com

There are really many different knockoff Louboutin pumps and sneakers at Aliexpress and Dhgate! If you are looking for sneakers, then read my post about fake Louboutin sneakers instead..
When finding the heels / pumps simply search for (I have sorted the results so the most reliable shops come up first):

Here in 2017 and is best to use Dhgate to buy counterfeit shoes, clothing etc. since Aliexpress is shutting down all shops selling replica products. DHgate is very similar to Aliexpress and safe to use! You can, however, still find a little selection of fake Louboutin heels at Aliexpress.

This should give you plenty of options for buying a pair of replica Christian Louboutin heels / pumps..


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