Fake Louboutin sneakers from Aliexpress review

Fake Louboutin sneakers from Aliexpress review

This is my second Louboutin review of shoes from Aliexpress. Last was the fake Louboutin pumps but this time it is Louboutin sneakers from Aliexpress. I bought them with snake effect and in black color. There are many different red sole sneakers to choose from, but I think the snake effect ones were the coolest.

Fake Louboutin quality review

The quality seems to be good but I am not sure if they are made of real leather. They smell a little of paint when you open the shoebox but it evaporates quickly. The red bottom is made good with the Louboutin engraved. Looks pretty cool in the winther, when you leave a Louboutin mark in the snow.

Louboutin sneakers Aliexpressfake louboutin sneakers

The seams are pretty good as well. You often see bad seams on replicas and that is normally one of the tell tells. They are comfortable to wear and they provide warmth as well. Overall the price is very good compared to the product. A pair of original Louboutin sneakers is around 1.000$ and these are less than a tenth. I guess the quality is not as good but you have to study them really close to conclude they are fake Louboutin shoes.

Fake Louboutin shoe size – what size to choose?

They are size true and I ordered a size 12 US. They are a little big but my normal size is also 11,5, so I guess they are size true. Normally you need to order one number bigger on Aliexpress which in this case is not true. But again, I would rather have a pair of shoes that are a little too big rather than too small. Then they would be useless, right? There are many shops on Aliexpress selling Louboutin shoes and this info might not count for all of them. So chat with the sellers, to be sure what size is the right for you. CHECK OUT MORE LOUBOUTIN SHOES FROM ALIEXPRESS – HERE