Magic The Gathering cards Aliexpress

Fake magic cards from Aliexpress

By coincident I saw these fake Magic cards at the Aliexpress homepage. I played MTG a lot when I was a kid and remember that some of the cards were pretty expensive. I went down to the basement and found some of my old cards and remembered that I had a couple of original dual lands, Shivas dragons and a couple more cards that had a little value.

I checked up upon value and read a lot about fake MTG cards. Then I bought some different rare magic cards from trusted Aliexpress sellers. Among these were a couple of fake Black Lotus, Mox and dual lands and a lot more different rare cards. You can buy single cards of very good quality cheap HERE

Quality of Magic Card proxies

I must say I received a lot of different qualities and have learned why that is. If you want to buy the best possible Magic The Gathering copies, then you need to buy the “blue or black core paper”. When you tear a MTG card, it contains a bluish layer. As you see on the picture beneath, the first mtg card from the top is a cheap copy, the next is a “blue print” and the final is a genuine Magic card.

The best fake magic cards I received have the same weight as the real MTG cards. At the same time I could not see any difference when tearing them apart. The best I received I bought from Boardgames store and I really cannot see any difference from these to my original MTG cards.

One other seller also sold me some good cards but some among them were quite worn out.

If you choose to buy these for playing, you can just buy the cheapest available but if you want to use them for other purposes, then I definitely recommend the black core quality. Another good sign of quality is when they are made of Japanese paper. This normally means that the fake MTG cards have the same weight as the original. Boardgames store states they have imported the paper from Canada in order to make the best quality available in MTG proxies.

How to find fake Magic cards at Aliexpress

It is very easy to find Magic cards for the moment. Just search for “magic the gathering” or “MTG“. You can also make a search for “dual lands” or other rare magic cards cards. There are definitely many other ways to find fake MTG cards at Aliexpress but these work great for the moment..