Fake Nicer Dicer Plus review

Fake Nicer Dicer Plus from China

This is a review of a Nicer Dicer Plus from Aliexpress (FIND IT HERE), bought around February 2014 and they are dead cheap. There are basically 2 different kinds you can end up with. A nice replica and a really bad one. The good Nicer Dicer plus comes with an English manual and the bad one comes with a German. The difference is huge.

Fake Nicer Dicer Plus with German manual
The fake Nicer Dicers with the German manual are terribly manufactured and many of the plastic components have already broken off when you open the box.

When you order them from Aliexpress you have to ask the seller which kind he have because nothing else gives it away.

Fake Nicer Dicer Plus with English manual
In the rest of the review I will concentrate on the Nicer Dicer with the English manual. It looks almost like the real deal except the real has GENIOUS inscribed on the lid. In use they are almost the same – the GENIOUS is a little sharper but you will only notice when cutting in hard vegetables as carrots or similar. All cheap Nicer Dicers sold on the internet are copies, actually all you buy for less than 50$ which is half the price for the real one. Many deal sites sell the fake ones and I cant understand how they get away with it.

What should the price for a fake Nicer Dicer be?

The price for a fake Nicer Dicer Plus varies from 20-30$ at Aliexpress and includes slow shipment with HK or China airmail. I have bought several bulks of 24 pieces with Dhl shipment for 250$. In Dk I have paid around an additional 50$ in customs and fees. So all included it is 300$ whick makes the piece price a lot lower. The deal sites price was 60$ so you can imagine the profit they made from this silly machine! It is nonetheless very popular and you should definately order it directly from China instead of giving money to other companies.

Here is a link to a good seller:
Nicer Dicer Ailexpressfake nicer dicer plus