Fake Nike Flyknit shoes

Flyknit shoes from China

There are many different fake Flyknit shoes from China and I ordered two of the models (roshe run and free run). Well, that was back in the days from Aliexpress where it was possible to find them there. Instead of trying to find them at Aliexpress you can easily buy them at DHGate.com instead.

I was surprised how much they actually look like like the genuine Nike shoes. You really have to look close to see they are fake. You can also read my posts about the Nike Freerun and the Nike Roshe Run I have bought from Aliexpress. It is important to mention that the quality will be the same no matter if you order from Aliexpress or some other Chinese webshop. However, using DHGate for the moment I find as the most secure option


Fake Nike Roshe Run Flyknit

Nike Roshe Run Flyknit Aliexpressfake nike flyknit roshe

If you are still determined to find fake Flyknit shoes at Aliexpress, it is important to notice that the shops have probably removed the Nike logo on the pics for legal reasons. When they arrive at your doorstep, the shoes will have the real Nike logo – If you are not sure whether the shoes on the pictures are fake, then chat with the shop.. You can try finding them at Aliexpress by searching for fly line shoes. This enquiry will most likely return a lot of Chinese flyknit shoes. Most of these are not Nike knockoffs but some Chinese lookalikes. Probably good shoes but quite useless if you are looking for Nike. If you simply search for Flyknit shoes at Aliexpress it will only return genuine Nike shoes. Again a good reason to use DHGate for fake shoes.

What purpose does the flyknit material have?

The Flyknit material has been introduced to many of the Nike shoes. The Flyknit material lets your foot breathe and it fits perfectly. I am not sure if I like them better than the normal Roshe Run shoes but I like to shift shoes daily. The sole is the familiar Roshe Run sole which are soft and has a good grip. I have used them for running a couple of times and they are exellent for that s well.

Quality of fake Nike Roshe Run Flyknit is good. When they arrive, they smell pretty much of paint, which all shoes from China do. Else, there are only very small innoticable differences and, yes, I have compared them to a pair of genuine Roshe Flyknit in the Nike shop in Copenhagen.

Fake Nike Free Run Flyknit

Nike Flyknit DHGatefake nike free flyknit

The Free Run Flyknit shoes are the same as the Free Run 4.0 but just with the flyknit material. It is my favorite Nike model (4.0) and I own around 12 different pairs of them. Quality of these shoes at Aliexpress and DHGate.com is very good – I would love if all the fake polo and t-shirts from China all had that same consistent quality. I guess the fake Nike shoes are made at the same factories around China. Just make sure to find a seller who ships fast and is reliable as well (check their feedback before buying).

Delivery of the shoes went very well. I always order shoes from the Aliexpress and China in general without the shoebox. This way they are practically never opened in the Danish customs and I don’t have to pay the additional vat and import fee.

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